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Friday, October 27, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Oct 27, 2017 - Luxor Models

It seems like nobody knows how to crank out the glossy advertising images better than Las Vegas. But those shots of perfect pool-side sun-kissed lithe bodies and happiest, best dressed gamblers you've ever seen don't just happen by accident.

No, those are models. They aren't real people.

You see, there are folks who actually make money at posing for photographs. They are usually very good looking, and know how to look fake-ecstatic on command.

Craps Advertising Photo Shoot Luxor Las Vegas

One day at Luxor, I got to witness the making of a fantasy, watching them shoot some photos of the jolliest goddamn craps players you've ever seen.

Where was the 24 year old hit and run drunk guy who makes two bets while twitching and spinning and holding two drinks and a cigar and then scoops up his chips and runs away?

Where was the grizzled old guy, leaning on the rail, writing down every roll in a crumply 10 year old notepad?

Where was the dark side player, standing next to the dealer so that it would be harder to kick him in the shins when the rest of the table sevens out?

Those people aren't represented. Those are real stereotypes.

Not the happy nightclub well-dressed try to make it look like one guy will end up in a three-some stereotypes we prefer in our advertising.

Next time you get a colorful offer from a casino, or an email with a cabana full of perky perfect people, just remember. Those are models. And they do it all just for you.

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