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Monday, October 30, 2017

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Oct 30, 2017 - BEE ATTACK!!!

Vegas is an interesting town. Not just from the tourist slash gambling slash falling-down-drunk slash where's my wallet slash what just happened? perspective.

It's an interesting city, with all kinds of interesting city happenings. Like the time the Killer Swarm of Bees Attacked Las Vegas.

One fine evening, while relaxing in our room (broke), we flipped through the channels to find that the spaghetti bowl at I-15 and I-95 had been brought to a standstill by a bee attack of gargantuan proportions (the attack was gargantuan, not the bees individually).

Bees swarmed the intersection, mercilessly attacking the concrete abutments. Sadly, they had to be put down by emergency responders, under the direction of Ranger Smith.

It turned out that the bees (and some honey!) were on a truck, bound for the glorious almond groves of somewhere other than Nevada. The semi-trailer overturned, and, it being December, the bees huddled together to stay warm.

They were, of course, met with the deadly, searing spray of 'pink stuff' that the pros used to quell the attack.

The whole thing was something right out of an episode of the Simpsons, with the exception of Homer's car bursting into flames at some point.

"Now that's what you call a well run 'sting' operation." (shuffling of papers)

Las Vegas Sun - Millions of Bees Lost in Accident

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