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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Tale of Two Suities

Kevin and his wife were waiting at Binions, right on time for our dinner, and we were right on time too.

We took an escalator up to a now barely / not at all used mezzanine floor. Binions used to be so much of a going concern, with the great coffee shop in the basement, a full hotel tower, and, apparently, a Chinese restaurant.

The internet is full of flame wars over whether it is pronounced "Gee Joon" or "Jee Joon".
Dinner was wonderful, and I'll cover it in a review of the restaurant to appear later. The best part as always was the terrific company and we thank our hosts for their generous hospitality.

After dinner, we parted ways, and QQ and I headed to the Downtown Grand to play $5 free play each. After what happened last time I did this, I never poopoo free play in any amount.

However, this time the Grand got the better of us. The Aces kicker progressive was up to over $800, and we dumped two or three twenties each chasing.

The Quad Queen had some Ultimate X fun and I played some Beeffallooo - to little effect.

I'd gotten hammered the night before, and the day wasn't shaping up all that much better - the quads just weren't coming. I was kind of tired of losing.

So, back at the Cal, I hopped on a blackjack table and bought in for $100 that I borrowed off of the Quad Queen. Yeah. I know.

Like the night before (which ended in disaster) I hit it hard from the get-go, starting off with $10 and $15 bets. Things really went my way, and I played quite a few hands at $20 as well.

After about 40 minutes I colored up for a nice profit. It should have been about $100 more, except that I totally muffed one hand that caused a $60 swing.

I suppose I could just make a joke about this, but the fact is, my cheat sheet was elsewhere and I misplayed a pair of 4s, splitting them. 'Nuff said. My own fault.

Things kind of turned around for me, and we played the rest of the evening at Main Street Station, mostly breaking even, and having one hell of a good time.

In the end, we did a lot more coin in than I thought we would. The Quad Queen hit nearly $10K and I hit... less than that.

Back at the Cal, we went to give our host a birthday card. Our host has multiple birthdays each year.

And that's when we slowly uncovered a mystery snafu.

Our limo driver had mentioned the Cal as our destination the night before - and I'd corrected her and she dropped us at Main Street Station.

We'd checked in, got our meal books, etc.

I mentioned the limo to our host and she was perplexed. She said, "No, you are staying at the Cal."

We said, "No, we checked in at Main Street."

I won't report the 15 minutes of backing and forthing over this. What had happened was the Cal was booked solid, so we'd been booked into Main Street.

Then (we think) something opened up at the Cal and our host booked us there. She (ahem) neglected to - err - mention it to us - or to cancel the Main Street reservation. So we had two suites booked in our name.

Additionally, the limo was booked to pick us up the next day at 4:00 - the time our flight was to take off. That had to be corrected to 2:00pm.

And finally, she'd set up Gold cards for us, which we hadn't gotten. We opted to move to the Cal, giving back the coupon books, and getting our Gold cards (which we thought had disappeared when Boyd rejigged their offer system - not so.)

I didn't let all this bother me - we are well treated, once the wrinkles are ironed out.

We had some time to play on Monday morning, but it didn't really go well for me. I lost the dough I had at the ready - $240 - and called it quits. I'd only done $1700 coin in.

The Quad Queen had a fun experience, playing through $200 only to hit a Boner Deluxe quad on her Lazarus hand.

She then took that $200 and pounded out enough coin in on ten play Bonus Poker to make $10K coin in for the day.

While she was doing that, I packed, and pounded out some soon-to-be award winning posts.

The limo picked us up on time and ferried us to McCarran, whereupon we found out that our flight had been delayed for an hour and a half.

Now dear reader, don't you lose heart (especially you, Janie - no no no no no!) because this doesn't mean our trip is over.

Not by a long shot.

Our flight out of Vegas was an American Airlines hop to LAX, where we were booked on flight AA73 departing at 10:30pm to a place where we'd get to play the pokies for ourselves, have a bee-yah or two, and meet some nice Sheilas - Sydney, Australia.

This live trip report finally has a name.

Blunder Down Under - The Search for Sheilas.


    1. This article looks to have been published in 2017. From my knowledge Gee Joons was closed many years before then. I’m looking to get in contact with the owners — Please let me know when this article was actually written. It Would hell trying to track the closing date of this beloved restaurant.

      1. It was indeed written in 2017, long after this restaurant was closed. I know nothing about Gee Joons. So much of Binions is long gone and ruined, sadly.

      2. I believe Gee Joons closed in December of 2009, along with the hotel.


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