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Saturday, November 4, 2017

All Abroad!

Lamondo dropped us off at the Kingston station. I was a bit concerned when she picked us up and some pieces fell off the car.

Fortunately, I had a fine selection of duct tape. So I unlocked the house and got some, locked up again, and we taped that Taurus together.

A car doesn't really have any character until it has some duct tape holding it together.

So far so good on the Flushiepants Express.

For this trip I kinda sprung for a bit of class - the kind of class you can buy or rent, since I have none of my own, to speak of.

We thought it would be fun to take the train rather than fuck with flights out of the Flusherville Aerodrome, which I have notoriously bad luck with. So I booked us in Via Business class, which got us use of the rather expansive lounge.

The amenities include;

  • Seating - luxury seating
  • A coffee machine
  • A mini fridge
  • A segregated bathroom to separate us from the undesirables loitering in the main waiting room
  • Newspapers
  • Windows
  • Air

It was a fine place to crash until the train came.

I'd started the day with sausage and egg and potato patties.

Well, second breakfast was about the same - except it was out of focus.

It was a really pleasant ride, and we got to Toronto on time. Next up is the PU Express - Pearson to Union Station.


    1. Wow....Did you win the lottery? I see that no expense is being spared for this trip. And obviously you have a lot of time, and have become bored with humdrum, seamless travel. Will watch for you in Vegas, many steps later. ;-)

    2. Oooh! Business Class Train Travel- I think that officially makes you part of the hoi-polloi (defined by both Merriam & Webster as "people of distinction or wealth or elevated social status"). And we all know you are certainly distinct. Can't wait to hear what the airline "bump" offer will be.


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