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Monday, November 6, 2017

Behind the Brown Door

When we booked through our host at the Cal, she'd told me that the Cal was sold out because of the U of Hawaii vs UNLV game.

That's always a huge draw.

Anyway, there was room at Main Street Station, so that's where our reservation was. The desk had our names on file, gave us keys, our meal books.

We hauled our bags along the shiny hardwood of the lobby, and took the elevator to the 17th floor. Which was also the top floor. (And still is.)


We made a quick read of the little signs pointing to room numbers in the two hallways. We knew which one not to take and started down the other. But the numbers weren't jiving.

We numbers, we don' jive, they said.

Hmmm. So we turned around and I actually had a hunch about what was going on.

Sure enough, our room was directly off the elevator vestibule. We whipped out a key card, opened the door, and stepped into 1978. Or more accurately, a 1978 rendition of 1878.

A suite! The only suite on the floor, actually. I think each floor has one.

It was magic in beige and other shades of beige and brown, and a reddish brown. There was a big sitting room, and a big bedroom, separated by some sort of wall full of small windows. There was a flatscreen in each room, for watching Behind the Green Door, I suppose.

The furniture resembled the Grandma's House Casino and Hotel that everyone loves so much. The one where every staff member calls you 'dear'.

The Cal rooms have been recently renovated and are really comfy now. There are great showers with great shower heads, and tons of power options to charge things with.

Our suite had two accessible power outlets. One by the connecting door to the next room, and one in the bathroom. USB? Dreamin'!

I had thought they'd done some renovations in Main Street Station but I guess I'm mistaken.

Our suite even featured one of the famous MSS chest-high shower heads, a full 4 foot 6 inches above the tub floor.

Because of the elevator lobby just on the other side of the wall, there was room to put a settee outside the bathroom, so you could ponder just how to approach the 10" tall toilet.

Seriously, sitting on this thing was like squatting on an overturned bucket.

But who cares about all that, we were in a vintage suite, it was comfy, it had a fridge, and it had a casino about 45 seconds away.

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