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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Deep Fried Koala

We arrived at the zoo and got shunted onto a cable car that took us up top. This turned out to be great, because all the walking in the zoo, pretty much, was downhill.

Euro-Sheila, until they Brexit.
We shared our car with a woman from the UK and her little boy. So I wasn't able to ask her if she was a Euro-Sheila.

Like everything in Australia so far, the zoo was very well run. Tidy and organized.

They even put up some impressive tourist scenery.

I couldn't wait to see some of the native animals, so I pointed the camera over my shoulder and fired away as we walked.

Sydney Harbor from the Taronga Zoo
Which way to the Koala roast??!
We tanked up on water and got our tickets and headed out into the zoo. It wasn't 200 steps before we started encountering alien and exotic creatures that we could never even have imagined!

This mysterious creature is a tree kangaroo (latin name Alf).

The Wild Ropes attraction lets kids stretch their boundaries in a safe way.

You can get right up to some of the wildlife - and it can get right up to you, I suppose.

One Duck to go... send me the bill.
There were some really cool exhibits of nocturnal animals in darkened walk-through facilities. You had to look really closely to see them. Can you find the little critter below?

One that I really liked was the tiny gliding mouse. Amazing the way these little guys could get around. There was no point in trying for a picture - they were too fast.

Finally we got to the good part - the prototypical Aussie animals (not the ones in stadiums, the other ones).

And there he was, living it up in the crook of a tree, Koala-y McKoalaface!

It's a good thing Koalas are cute to humans, because all they ever do is lie around and sleep and pose for stuffed toy designs.

They had a bunch of animals in together. I found the sight of the big bird emu-ving.

The kangaroos were really awesome. Not as big as I'd been brought up to believe, and none had boxing gloves on. And they didn't hop for shit.

Joeys roll over. I caught this one in the act.

There are tons of scenic photos to come - or should I just skip to the part where we go and play the pokies?


    1. Well, those kangaroos look pretty tasty. Not time for lunch yet? GREAT photos, Flusher...and just because you asked....MORE PHOTOS please. Some of Dingos, please. Pokies will wait.....

    2. Loving your report and pictures


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