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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gawky McFentanyl and the Three Royals Flush

The best part of the story of Gawky McFentanyl and the Three Royals Flush was telling the story about how he creeped me, and thus generating a suitable cliff-hanger blog post for you, the inhabitants of Flusherville.

The Quad Queen made her way over to me so she could watch the fireworks and watch my back.

It ended just the way it usually does for me - with a case of Sweet Fuck All in a Can. Don’t add water, just heat and serve.

I didn’t even get a wild royal out of it. Nor a straight. But I did get a puny flush. Pass me the can opener.

This time I really did take the good doctor’s advice - we both did - and headed back to Main Street Station to crash for a couple of hours.

After a couple of hours of rejuvenation ZZZs I woke up and grabbed a long shower. Over the course of 25 minutes, during which I was basically struggling to stay warm, I used approximately 3.93 gallons of water. Most of which hit me square in the chest. I had to do deep knee bends to wash the flusher noggin’ under the Munchkinland showerhead.

We had plans for the evening that I’d been looking forward to for some time. My pal Kevin and his wife were in town and they’d invited us to a nice steak dinner at Binion’s Steak House.

First off we hit the Pay the Aces No Faces coin droppers. They are great old school fun, and I actually had some luck on them, getting a quad and later getting dealt three Aces (with no faces) for 250 quarters, which poundy pounded into the tray just like the old days.

I noted that one more Ace would have netted 7500 quarters. I’m always one Ace away, it seems.

We’d figured out a timeline that included us playing for a while at Main Street Station, and then hitting the Four Queens Mike’s Bar for a quick one and to say hello to Mike and Mike, and to extract winnings from said bar.

But what ended up happening was that the Quad Queen finally found her stride and got onto a really solid run on multi-play. The quads were flowing and you don’t fuck with a streak. I was even willing to phone Kevin if I had to and explain that we’d be late because the machines were hitting. If anyone would understand that it would be Kevin. He’d probably say, “We’re coming over.’

I played too, of course, but Slutty Times Pay, Triple Play, Five Play, Horse Play… they all just roughed me up.

I switched machines to poke at some single line Double Double and was rewarded with a dealt quad. It was very welcome - at this point my cound was three quads, a straight flush, and one natural quad on Deuces. Yes it was Aces Kicker for 20 quarters. So I was hurtin’.

Things turned on the Quad Queen - she’d worked up to over $300 on ten play, and had one of those plummets, and bailed at $200 with time for us to be on time for dinner.


    1. Royal - is this a test to see if we're paying attention? Even though I'm only on my 1st cuppa of the day, I noticed that the 4-2-a-RF pic at the end of "I'm on Vacation -or- That's The True Meaning of Vacation", isn't the same hand as the one shown in "Gawky McFentanyl and the Three Royals Flush".

      1. It probably is - I though I saw something like that last night. I only have my little bonebook with me and its like blogging through a keyhole. At home, Jimmy Poon has me set up with 3 screens.


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