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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hilton Sydney Room Tour

I will never, ever, complain about room rates in Las Vegas again. $109 casino rate for an Encore room with an incredible bathroom, separate sleeping and living areas is a frickin' bargain.

Maybe I am out of touch with big city prices, but I did have sticker shock. Over $400 a night for our digs in Sidney. And when I went to book a couple of nights for the end of our stay the rate started at $630 a night.

I guess its the way things are in world class cities. And, to be fair, we are in the middle of the CBD. I had to look that up - it's the central business district.

Here's what $400 or $630 gets you at the Hilton.

They managed to shoehorn a tub, shower, toilet and sink into 11 square feet of living space.

Ahh. The Amenity. The black dealies were the best chocolate caramels on the planet.


Over 1000 feet high. There's a buffet up there. $75.

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