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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hotel Nirvana - The Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast La-Di-Dah

Part of the point of coming all the way to Australia (other than finding a few nice Sheilas) was to have a bit of luxury.

The Lagoon Room at the Sheraton Mirage fit the bill nicely.

The bus runabout dropped us off at the lobby which was a miracle in glass, marble and the sound of a waterfall. Tony (not his real name, even though his name tag said 'Tony' and his mother calls him 'Tony') was immediately on hand to help with our bags.

Sheraton Mirage La-Di-Dah Lobby
The counter Sheila was friendly, efficient, and in no time had us on our baffling way, across acres of marble, along windy suspended glassed-in passages, down elevators and finally, to our room.

Tony arrived at about the same time - because he'd followed about six steps behind us.

The room was a marvel. Wonderful, astounding, perfect. Better than the brochure.

The entire back wall of the room opened onto a lagoon with manicured greenery, little bridges, gazebos, and a host of wild birds, singing of spring.

The temperature outside? Almost identical to that inside. We had a private patio with a table and two chairs sitting right on paradise's doorstep.

I asked Tony (wink wink) to fetch a bucket of ice, and when he returned, I tipped him generously. This is not the custom in Australia and he was surprised, delighted, and very appreciative.

"You didn't see nuthin', Tony. You're a good boy," I said, as I clasped my hairy-knuckled hand around the back of young Tony's neck.

"Thanks again, Mr. F.!" he said, and left us to open the bar.

The bar is open, courtesy Duty Free, and Tony.

We explored the room and all of its fancy accouterments.

The entire side of the room opened up onto the lagoon - in this shot there's still a few panels we hadn't realized moved yet.

There was a sink, and a huge triangular tub with shower, and half a Flusher.

The place had everything you'd want. Fridge, minibar, kettle, french press coffee maker, ground coffee and fixin's, robes, slippers, safe, little bottles of stuff in the john, color TV, lots of little guides and menus to read - hotel nirvana.

We settled in and then walked across the street to grab some dinner. There's a skybridge over to a mall that they probably own, and a marina with some restaurants, some that include... pokies!

We had amazing fish 'n for only $9 and then it was time to unwind some more, and sleep in our robes and slippers.

What a day. There was no downside, whatsoever, nothing to bother me, nothing to sully it, nothing to ruin it even so much as a smidge...

...although there was one thing...

After arriving at the hotel, I realized that we didn't need a return ride on the Tap or Insert Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle - we weren't flying out of Gold Coast, we were flying out of Brisbane on our next leg.

No problem. I fired off an email to them, making sure to give kudos to the trampy friendliness of the Counter Sheila and her Tap or Insert sense of propriety, and requesting a refund for half the bill.

This is the reply I got:

"Thank you for contacting us with the below enquiry. I appreciate your feedback and have passed this message onto Tony (not her real name), the lady who served you :)

Unfortunately as per our T&C’s we do not refund portions of unused tickets. However as gesture of goodwill I can offer you a credit for a One-Way Airport Transfer for 2 adults to be used within the next 12 months.

If you wish to use the transfer at any stage, please reply to this email two days prior to travel for confirmation."

A credit for something I've already paid for. Thanks a lot.

This represented the first fuck-up in the planning for this fairly complicated trip - a momentary lapse in stupidity on my part, replaced with ultra-stupid stupidity.

Any goodwill coming for a Flusher who made an honest mistake from Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle?

The answer was, "Flusher, FOC you."

In such cases, I am not happy giving up something for nothing. Usually I fight until the bitter end. However, this is my vacation, and I'm trying to have a nice time in paradise. So I have to let that go. And in such cases, I look for some justification that I can use some how to make myself feel like I at least broke even.

Yes, I would have to make up the lost $44 somehow. But how?

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