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Friday, November 3, 2017

Return of the Quad Queen

Well, these are exciting times here in Flusherville. Primarily because we are leaving Flusherville. And, the blog is going great, with an infusion of fresh (dubious) decision-making and writing from JoA.

And it looks like, for a few days anyway, we'll have duelling trip reports as my words and metaphors spar with Joan of Aces' slashing syllables and similes.

Yes, we're off again. The Quad Queen will make her triumphant return to Las Vegas for the first time in a year, and, against my better judgement, this trip will be blogged live as it goes.

I know what you're thinking Another trip to Vegas? Again?

Trust me. This trip will be like no other you have read about on these hallowed URLs.

We lift off at 5:00pm tomorrow on Delta, bound for Salt Lake City, and then for Las Mecca.

And the first dilemma has thrust itself upon us, hard enough to make us fall like a House of Cards. When I checked in on the Delta (YES DELTA!) website, I got a little notice saying:

We are looking for volunteers to take an alternate flight. In return, we'll give you free shit. Like a free flight voucher. And 100 shares in a junior mining venture that has really promising core samples.

We've planned this thing out to a T, not unlike Mr. T would, sucker, we've got our Cal host working on a limo pickup, and they throw this out at us? A free trip?

So, I asked the Quad Queen under what circumstances would she go for what's in the box in front of which Carol Merrill is standing, and Monty Hall is in.

The answer is... we would not accept having to overnight. But if we can be on some other flight in the equivalent class of service and still arrive tomorrow night... we just might go for it.

As soon as we get to the airport, I'm going to rush the podium and find out what goodies might away in return for us selling our soul.

(Why does this never happen to me when I'm on a red eye?)

Would you give up some of your Vegas Vacation for a bounty in flight coupons?


    1. OOOOOOO, this IS exciting! Now, I would do that. Take the marvelous parting, I mean NON-PARTING gifts. We took our first Delta flights this past Summer and they changed our flights twice. No offer of ANY free shit. It time to start this trip with a WIN!!

    2. It's always something. As long as we'd arrive on the originally scheduled day, we'd do it. This is rather like a free ace coupon ..or maybe even a 2:1 payoff with a big bet out at a seedy Vegas blackjack table..sorta. Hell, you'll likely get at least two extra bags of peanuts / pretzels and a can or two of suds out of it. Perhaps even a preservative-laden , hermetically sealed sammich. Did I mention the free future flight yet? Can't lose..if they get you to la-la land on your scheduled date. It's analogous to playing BJ with a +10 count and Delta funding your bankroll..kinda. Enjoy the trip.

    3. Don't do it!!! The airline will find a way to screw you! This cannot end well.....

    4. Mr. to produce a Vegas guide book..collaboratively? Is this a joke? No..

    5. Wahoo, not only do I get more blog to read, I may also cross paths with you for the first time. Safe travels!


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