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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Royal Flusher Fixes to Plays the Pokies

Enough screwing around, let’s get to the pokies! We had walked for 10,000 steps by the time we were on our way out of the zoo, and we’d seen way less than even half of it. The sun was bright and warm and we were ready for a break.

There were some folks inside the fence at the penguin area visiting up close and feeding them. I took a few pictures of the feeding activities and immediately the penguin was more interested in me than the shitty old dead minnow on offer.

Minnow... Denied!
This is typical for an internet famous blogger such as myself, or in this case, specifically myself.

I’m recognized by penguins the world around.

Perhaps it is because of my close association with famed Manitoba penguin wrangler Dr. Raoul Shiboubou, who also happens to be my cousin. I’m sure a lot of Pengy’s cousins have ended up spending a few happy months on his ranch before being processed into rugs and choice jerky.
We worked our way toward the wharf, which was easy to navigate to - just go downhill. On the way we saw a wonderful seal display, which consisted of a huge outdoor pool with a seal in it.

The views of Sydney across the water were spectacular from various vantage points on the trail down to the wharf, I fired off a few shots.
Sydney Harbour

Still Sydney Harbour
Things are expensive here - I was parched and wanted a Coke. $5. It was a pretty good Coke, but not a $5 Coke.

We figured out how to make our way to our next destination - Sidney's Star Casino, which promised acres of pokies to explore.

We basically traversed our, err wakes I guess, not steps, back to Circular Quay (which, incidentally, is not circular, nor does it have anything to do with Yale, Medico, or Dudley). The next ferry was right at hand, just a couple of wharfs over, and we were on our way again in minutes.

At least it isn't the S.S. Minnow.
What is this... a bridge for ANTS? Suckers do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Bridge Walk.
This time we went out into the harbour, and under the Sydney bridge. I was really excited to be able to get some pictures of a tall ship that I’d seen earlier, sailing into the bay.

We also passed by Luna Park, which I recognized from one of the episodes of Married at First Site - Sheila Edition.

It took about five or six stops and maybe 40 minutes and we were at the dock closest to our target. We disemboweled taking great care and minding the gap, and then started wandering aimlessly in a direction hopefully toward the casino.

I only had to insult the map on my phone a couple of times before we found the fully modern, sterile Star Casino.

We’d arrived! Time for some Beeefffalllooooooo!!!!

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