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Monday, November 6, 2017

Tequila for Everybody!

Delta staff - so thoughtful. Tequila shots for everybody!
We made Slat Lake City, where even the luggage is pious. It was a pretty good layover - just long enough to stretch our legs but not any longer than it needed to be.
This Little Golden Book Bag belongs to Air Canada Cheryl.
I have to admit, I was getting tired. Not just sleepy tired, but the kind of 'my body feels like it got hit by a bus' tired. Twelve hours and counting on the road / rail / sky.
Purportedly Slat Lake City.
I'd managed a cat nap that helped some. Before long it was time to board our flight to Vegas - just 75 minutes of flying away.

Mesmerizing signage indicating that the flight to Las Vegas is around here somewhere.
Everything worked well on this trip, even with a few flight adjustments. The only thing we needed now was for the limo to be waiting in McCarran.

We flew to Vegas in the largest airplane you have ever seen.
Astute, good looking, and intelligent readers of this blog will know that I haven't played as heavily at the Cal this year. As well, Boyd has been 'right-sizing' their offers, as Norbert at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer would put it when he slashes the workforce.

But I decided what the heck - and asked my host for limo service.

And finally - we're home!

Our friendly driver was waiting. He didn't attempt the Isaac the Bartender two-handed finger point move for this photo. I tipped him anyway.

Has there ever been a finer sight than Las Vegas neon welcoming you back? (Notwithstanding the Jamie Lee Curtis scene.)

Here we go!

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