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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

That Swishy Charming Language

By the time we went up to the Steampunk Suite (hold the punk), we were snapping at each other about what one of us had said that the other didn’t understand and then the other one didn’t know what the other one was even asking about. We were both on too little sleep, and we’d been up for 20 hours and traveling for most of it.

Finally we just crashed. Even being tired, we were wound up, and I found it hard to get to sleep.

It’s always the same in Vegas. Tired, excited, sore, then five or six hours of dreamtime, and then wake up at about five AM, and try to sleep more, and fail, because excited for the day.

The Quad Queen hadn’t been able to get back to sleep, so took the time to take not one but two baths. Apparently it took a lot to get the water hot.

The first thing on my mind (after pants) was coffee. There was a little coffee maker in the Steampunk Suite complete with supplies of (no doubt) exotic Arabica coffee. In other words, coffee.

But screw that, I knew of a bar nearby complete with coffee already made, hot ‘n ready, and video poker, and drinkin’ stuff,

The Quad Queen opened the proceedings with (what else) Quad Queens. On my side, I got dealt that hand that I dread playing.

There’s a few of those, such as holding three Aces on Deuces Wild when you’ve been playing games with premiums on the four pointy hands. This one was the four to a straight flush which is also most of a royal.

Sure, there are only three royal cards in it, and the nine, but if you do get the 10 (and thus the straight flush) you are looking at four out of five royal cards in the end as well.

But it is the right hold, so hold it I did and by God I did draw the one single card I needed to make the straight flush.

I was actually pretty happy about it. I also note that it is as hard to make that draw as it is to make the winning draw on a four to a royal hand, which I am so bad at.

In fact, our two winners more or less coincided, good enough to get both of them in one photo at the same time.

Scratch cards were had, and onward we went. The Quad Queen also ended up with a hand similar to my straight flush, with the difference that it wasn’t a straight flush.

I call this one (politically incorrectly, so have your lawyer write me a strong letter, and I won’t care much about that in these times in which standards have dropped like San Diego panties when aircraft carriers return home) the Polish Royal.

Polish Royal
And let me just say that the Polish people have gotten a bum rap. They are the stock of many fine engineering and scientific minds, and I find the sound of the language swishy and charming.

How many ways can I dance around the fact that I call this what I call this? Enough hand wringing, apologies, and crocodile tears. It’s a Polish Royal and that’s that!

The Quad Queen returned to form and put a couple more scratch cards in her pocket - and my luck went dry. I couldn’t afford a repeat of the previous night.

It was time to eat breakfast and the Main Street Station buffet was, like, right there. It was brunch, so I ate brunchy things like fried chicken and salad and potatoes with Country Throw-up Gravy (CTUG) on them.

A minor disaster occured when I threw a tantrum over the lack of Namasa Salad, the cucumber concoction that is so tasty. Why they take away Namasa, why, WHY???? Booooooo.

We headed over to the Cal to play there some, and I dabbled around on this and that and this and that and Beefallloooo and triple play deuces and more this and more that, while the QQ tackled the old 50 cent progressive uprights.

After I got tired of losing money in about 9 different places in about 9 different ways, I decided to join her.

And that’s when I did something I’ve never done before in 22 years of playing video poker.

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