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Thursday, December 7, 2017

More from the Great Barrier Reef

The next thing up was a fish feeding demonstration.

It was actually pretty cool. A guy named Matt threw dead fish in the water.

The big fish swarming around would eat them.

But here's the thing. Their eyesight is so good that they can see the fish in the air and they swim to where they are going to be.
Kind of like how guys used to go to Cleopatra's Barge at 3:00am.

Matt and some fish.

If you look closely, you can see the flying fish. The big hungry guys are headed to where they will land - fair dinkum!
We lined up to go on the semi-submersible, which is a fancy way of saying 'glass sided boat'. To my shock, nudity was allowed and even encouraged.

I bet she looks good in fish nets.

 Das Glass Sided Boot.
 There's a great little band called The Coral. The Coral did this extremely catchy song called Dreaming of You. Anyone I've ever played it for has loved it. It's the kind of song that gets under your skin and then you end up playing it 8 times the next day. We saw some real coral.

Next, we lined up to go on the glass-bottomed boat, which is a fancy way of saying 'glass-bottomed boat'. Fortunately, I only just now thought of saying 'hey you have an ass-bottomed boat, don't you', which is a good thing. I would have been tossed overboard and the big hungry fish would have gone to where I was going to land and eaten me in a fishing frenzy.

Provider #3: Twenty quatloos that all three are untrainable.
Provider #2: Five thousand quatloos that the newcomers will have to be destroyed.

Somewhere in there we had a buffet lunch. It actually was pretty substantial - I'd stop just short of 'good' - but I didn't bother photographing it.

After a great day on the Great Barry Reefer poonton, it was time to head back to Cairns. The photography Sheilas had everyone's pics laid out. You could order the ones you wanted and they'd sell you a print right then and there.

They really have the process of wringing money out of people down to a fine art - they deserve respect - it's really quite admiralable.

Sometimes on a trip you get a moment where it all comes together and you bliss out. I went up on the top deck, and moved as far forward as I could. I stood, half-blinded by the brilliant Australian sun, looking towards forever across the water and marvelling at the dark clouds hanging over the shore.

The wind blasted me clean of all bad thoughts, and I felt happy from bow to stern.

I thought to myself 'this is one of those things I'll remember all of my days'.

This, Australia... is why we came.

This felt like the apogee of the trip. And I guess it was, the reef was the furthest we'd gotten from home. But our adventure wasn't over. Far, far from it.

I'll leave you for today with The Coral, two minutes and twenty seconds of pure feel-good.

Maybe 'Matt' in the comments said it better: "Most under rated band ever!! Fucking silly good"


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