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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Not now, not EVER!

"What now?" was the question.

Being near a million dollars brings out the best in Las Vegas visitors.
The answer, was The Strict Rules of Parlay!

And a big shoutout to C Dogg (not his real canine) who was kind enough to provide a generous donation with very specific instructions... unfortunately just after the end of the last trip.

But it was now time!!!

The rather cryptic instructions read:

double double strict rules of parlay as per!!

And I knew just the place to do battle - the Fremont. Why the Fremont? Because, ahhh what the hell, we were headed there anyway.

Oh how I wish I had tales of riches, of pointies with kicker, of huge parlay to dollar premium quads. It was all over in about seven minutes, like most really good things in life. Anyway thanks, C Dogg, you were thought of kindly.

Now that I think about it, the Strict Rules of Parlay have not been good to me lately. But I won't give it up. Not now, not EVER!

So - it was time to give Slutty Times Pay a go, on the less volatile full pay Bonus Poker. And we hammered it hard!

Take a close look at this one - what do you notice?

Now that's more like it. And I actually cashed out profit instead of blowing it all back!

The weird thing about this run was that Slutty multipliers only came into play on one hand. The rest of it was just plain ole quads.

Gambling is a serious business, Rusty.
Next stop was Binions, where the plan was to get 40 points and get two spins of the Motherload wheel, hoping to actually get chips or freeplay out of it instead of a useless 'free drink' at the bar, or a food comp that I would never use, because Gold Card.

Quad Queen Strict Rules of Parlay Boner Deluxe Quad!
I lost like $40 and got nowhere, but I did get more than 40 points, and the Quad Queen's display said 68 points, so she cashed out a nice win and we headed for the Motherload.

I won!

I won a free well drink at the bar!

Next spin, I won again! $10 at the Cafe! Which I'd never use!

And the Quad Queen's card wouldn't work at all. It came up with John somebodies name.

I've done a lot of thinking about what happened next. I have pinpointed this as the event that triggered a landslide of bad karma that I'd regret for a long time.

Here's your fuckin' karma, Flusher!

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    1. Wow, five out of five on a four to a flush draw. One in 3,884!


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