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Saturday, December 23, 2017

One More Box to Tick -or- Pointies at the Airport

Gambler's dilemma. Your flight out is at 6:15 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Your limo comes at 4:15 a.m.

To bed, or not to bed, that is the question!
Three weeks at the Left B-Hind Kennel - can I go home now?
Hell no, we decided to stay up all night. The 10 sets of pointies had arrived on the stroke of midnight, so it wasn't all that long. And I figured if I slept for only a couple of hours, I'd feel that much worse having to get up.

So, we bought Keno tickets, and headed up to just lie around, relax, and watch our money get frittered away, ping pong ball by ping pong ball.

I actually did drop off a couple of times, but all in all, it worked well enough.

The limo showed up no problem, so we hauled our stuff down through the casino (which was still hopping, by the way), checked our Keno tickets (enough to give as tips to the Keno crew, and that's all), and piled in.

Security. Starbucks. Find the gate. Same as always. But we were really pretty ready to be home after such a long journey.

One more box to tick though... try for a Royal at the Airport!

 I struck paydirt first.

And second!

But the Quad Queen had the last word, fittingly, with Four Pointies.

My last gasp gambling gave me a win. Good way to end the trip.

And what a trip it was. Twelve flights. Many train rides. Four countries. 25,000 miles. It was good to get home safely.

Thanks for reading, yeayahh!

Royal Flusher

So what's next??! Thankfully we have Joan of Aces on deck to keep that Vegas feeling going. I think she's almost ready to go with a brand new trip report.

And I'm already looking at flight options.

Big shout out and thank you to J.B. for your support! Very much appreciated!!!

Public Service Announcement from Jimmy Poon

Flusher really appreciates the support we get from you guys. It takes him forever to chicken-peck these blog posts using one finger. And there are bills to pay for various things internet, like domain name fees, dog treats for Chippy, internet charges while travelling so he can post photos etc.

If you've read a few trip reports, or maybe all of them, if you've smiled, or laughed, or peed your pants, or maybe even felt something like an emotion or even - yes - teared up a little bit, consider pitching in a bit.

The easiest way to do that is, if you are going to book a CET room in Vegas or Atlantic City (Caesars, Ballys, Harrahs, Rio, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Paris etc.) do it through one of the links on the blog.

And tell Flusher to smarten up and stop losing $100 goddamned chips.

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    1. Well Flusher, you have totally exhausted me. Been to Australia, been to Vegas (once by way of LAX) and don't do the jet lag thing as efficiently as you two do. Nor do I do the Quad thing as well as you two do. Or do the Suite thing, or gold card thing...or.... Well, you get it right. I admire you both for your Savvy Play, your amazing energy, and having such a nice pup as Chippy. Lucky Dog. (You AND Chippy.)

    2. Another great one RF. Thanks for sharing.


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