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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Night Canopy in Cairns Please

Thank goodness other's around me weren't affected by the tragedy of the Exploding Ketchup Package.

The guy next to me was very understanding and explained the operation of the thing, and did me the favor of not calling bullshit on my weak excuses ("There are no instructions in English or French!", "It's my first time!", "How could anyone figure this out on their own?").

I bet this guy doesn't know how to open a Tomato Sauce packet either.
We landed in Cairns, which is a very touristy town on the northern coast of Australia. It's pretty close to the equator and gets very hot in summer. And it's humid.

And once again...
Me: try and fail to summon Uber genie, submit ticket.

The Quad Queen was able to make the magic happen with her phone, so we got a ride sorted.

Our driver? Friendly, chatty, and barefoot. Cairns is that kind of place. Almost nobody there is from there - well maybe that's an exaggeration, but the workforce is made up of many young folks from all over. And there is a ton of pacific rim tourism landing here, and flag-following groups of Chinese are everywhere.

Our hotel? Another La-di-da one, this time the Shangri-la-di-da Marin-a. Or, properly, the Shangri-La Hotel The Marina Cairns (check rates).

I picked this one because of the balcony rooms on the backside, which face away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and feature views of the harbour and whatnot.

And what a great room it was!

Starting from the end of the room nearest the hallway, there was a private toilet and a glassed in shower. Across the bathroom, a raised full size tub, and on the left, the counter and sink. The wall between the tub and the room is glass. It has a privacy shade, should you get unstuck in time and wish to request the Night Canopy Please.

You know you are in a classy joint when they make Kleenex flowers, for some reason.
On the other side of the glass wall are the beds, and continuing on a living room with L shaped couch, and a proper desk and desk chair. All the other usual stuff too - TV, minibar, coffee supplies and maker, and so on.

I wrote some blog posts from that very chair, there.

The outside wall is also glass and opens up to a full size balcony 'room' with seating and a view onto the water.

Talk about another great room! I thought it would be hard to top the nipple-excising Lagoon Room, but I think this room did.

As a savvy travel planner, I joined up to all the right points clubs before booking things. The deal I got included The Internet, and even better - access to the Horizon Club.

The Horizon Club is traveller's gold. Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., staffed by the the most charming, pretty set of hostess Sheila's you've ever met, it features a full breakfast buffet, coffee, tea and juice service all day long, and a canape buffet starting at 5:00, with enough goodies to make dinner out of.

And pop, wine and beer!

This is a huge advantage.

We settled in, had a cold beer from the Horizon Club, and relaxed for a while.

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    1. As lovely as the Lagoooooonn Rooooom was, I think I like this one better. We LOVED Cairns ('Caaannns') when we stopped there on a cruise in 2014. I KNOW you will love it too....or money back.


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