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Monday, February 26, 2018

Flusher Low Rolled Oats It - Monday 26-Feb-2018

Monday 26-Feb-2018 8:36pm

The views where the Las Vegas Club isn't are so different. They've put up some signage along Fremont where Derek's new place will be, and hung some extra video screens from the canopy.

I saw Free Bird tonight. How did a break-up song become about fighter jets and shuttle launches?

Monday 26-Feb-2018 6:30pm

My seat at the Four Queens was occupied, so even though the doors were open to the Fremont Street spectacle, I wasn't able to hold court. Just as well, most of my bankroll for the day was tied up in a Main Street Station TITO I forgot to cash in.

Want it? Go get it! (The card, not the tush.)
Monday 26-Feb-2018 6:30pm

Suck my throw-up gravy, Mr. Quaker Fuck You Funnyhat. Heart attacks are on me!
Monday 26-Feb-2018 3:30pm

Just today, the bars at Main Street Station, and presumably the Cal and Fremont too, have stopped comping anything remotely worth drinking - higher end stuff like Patron and Maker's Mark that they used to comp no issue.

I talked to a guy who saw the 3 page memo that laid out what they can and can't comp.

If you think you deserve a better pour, a manager has to approve it.

This is a black day at the Boar's Head.

Monday 26-Feb-2018 3:20pm
I actually chickened out of doing my blackjack match plays. Three of them are $25, and when you have no budget except for a Costco pill bottle full of quarters, you think twice before committing.
Monday 26-Feb-2018 2:07pm
Definitely warmer now than it was, I'm almost out of the 50F - feels like burning freezing cold - range.
They seem to be doing construction on Fremont - replacing the old Yellow Brick Road surface with something more akin to a flooring salesman's acid flashback, with specks of jumping multicolors reflecting every which crazy way.
Monday 26-Feb-2018 12:00pm

It looks so nice out. It's bright and sunny. It looks warm.

It isn't.

Even for a Canuck, it's a bit chilly in the shorts and Stompin' Tom Connors t-shirt.

On the plus side, my five year old VIP line pass still works at the buffet. 

Monday 26-Feb-2018 7:00am

Up and at 'em, Flusherpie. Wakie wakie, eggs and...oatmeal?

Any savvy conventioneer knows that a great day starts with a great breakfast. And if you can't afford that, then you eat Torment Oats in your room.

A K-cup machine makes hot water, free FSE plastic cups, pilfered plastic spoon, and $3 worth of oatmeal...

Spice it up with a some overpriced trail mix from ABC and you've got the Breakfast of Losers!

At least I'm enjoying my Torment Oatmeal in the comfort of a spacious well-appointed comped suite at the Golden Nugget.

It's hot. It's good for you if you can choke it down.

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    1. THANK GOD! I got back from a Vegas trip Feb 1, and I'm already jonesin. Glad to see you're on another trip I can live vicariously (think I spelled it right) through. I just might make it till I get back out to the lit up desert.

      If it wouldn't be too much trouble, get at least one royal this trip. It just reminds me that it is possible to win. Something I haven't figured out how to do yet. One of these days though, after I hit the mega bucks, I'm going to infringe a little on the Flusher and start my own website:

      That is only if Jimmy Poon could freelance for a while.


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