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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Flusher No-Rolls It Some More - Sunday 25-Feb-2018

Sunday 25-Feb-18 9:47pm

Fremont Street is pleasant tonight, partly because of the pretty decent Elvis (Tyler James) with a pretty decent band. Good musicians, and they don't stick to just Elvisongs.

Sunday 25-Feb-18 6:00pm

No matter how many times I come to Vegas, I still have to re-learn the same things. For example, the lyrics to 'The Ballad of the $40 Michelob Ultra'.

Time to eat punishment salad.

Sunday 25-Feb-18 4:21pm

Finally have gotten my wits about me, it would seem. Long shower, shave, and a nap.

I think it's warmer in Flusherville then it is here. Sunny though. I was the only mook wandering around Fremont in shirtsleeves this morning. People look at me funny and I just say "Canadian." with a shrug.

Working the angles to try to build that bankroll. Bless the Las Vegas Advisor coupon book!

One thing I have working for me is that I still have some comp dollars at the Four Queens - so that will cover some meals. I like eating there, too.

Sunday 25-Feb-18 1:00pm

They seem to have re-arranged the northern part of the El Cortez casino floor. For a moment I panicked, worried that the Downtown Deuces machines were gone.

But they weren't. Found 'em.

What do you think - worth chasing?
My seat next to Fremont. Lucky sticker, still intact!

    1 comment:

    1. There's a couple variations of the $40 dollar beer song, much like Happy Birthday.

      Went to the bar to have a drink. Lost 32 hands of VP like a dink
      Keep waiting for a beer, Just couldn't think.
      All while my money went down the bar sinkkkk,


      $40 dollar beer, tastes like shit!
      $40 dollar beer. Now I'm pissed!
      $40 dollar beer. WTH could not even get two pair!
      $40 dollar beer. Now I gotta get out of here!


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