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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Great Suite No View - Tuesday 27-Feb-18

Tuesday 27-Feb-18 9:00pm

That P.R.O.B special at the Cal is still a deal at $10.99. You get yer salad bar. You get yer slab o' meat. You get yer ice cream at the end - Cherries Jubilee. Which is ice cream with a cherry on.

Eating healthy though, is its own reward.

Here's the healthy:

And here's the reward - the Ole 96'er.

Tuesday 27-Feb-18 8:16pm

It's still cold here. Me no likey. Me brought 4 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of jeans.

Gambling tonight has been choppy. Blackjack was pretty good with a $50 win over an hour. No I didn't lose a black chip this time.

Trying to sort the coffee situation. The Cal has coffee makers on request. I requested, they are all out. 

I found a pretty good deal on Amazon and went to order it and it was saying it would arrive by March 9th. But I think maybe it was thinking it would be shipping to Flusherville. I took a chance and put in the order and it's 'sposed to arrive tomorrow! That will save a ton off my usual Starbucks bill.

Best GrommetCon shotsky giveaway so far - tiny cornhole sets with size 16 grommets to throw into your tiny cornhole.

Don't get mad at me for 'shotsky' - who the fuck can remember that screwy word for 'conference giveaway thing that seems cool but is useless', let alone pronounce it properly.

Tuesday 27-Feb-18 4:13pm

Confirmed. Ordered a Maker's rocks at the tables at the Cal.

Server came back and said no dice.

The Boyd liquor purge is spreading!

Tuesday 27-Feb-18 2:43pm

I hate the nugget. I hate it so much. I hate the way they take advantage of my apparent inability to read and comprehend the simplest of communications thus resulting in having paid extra money for meals that I could have had at the Four Queens on comp dollars. I ask you!

Knocking off GrommetCon early - because all the giveaways were crappy. Who needs another set of grommet dealy-bobbers, anyway.

Oh well. 

Tuesday 27-Feb-18 8:47am

Really enjoy the suite here at the Nugget, when I'm in it. The view... has something to be desired.

Yesterday I realized I should be getting free k-cups. So I got that happening. And they brought some free water (in bottles). I'd booked a Club room but they put me in a non-Club suite (which is better than the Club room I'd booked).

So I kind of fell through the Golden Nugget cracks. Shudder.

Off to GrommetCon!!!


    1. I hate to see they're slowly taking free booze out of Vegas. It seems like the last few times I was there, the cocktail service was very slow (at some resorts). It makes me wonder if they've told the waitresses not to make their rounds as often. Free drinks are the only thing left making you feel good although your losing your ass. Yea I know, we get a few nights room comp, but that little resort fee that is there "for our convenience" still gets into the bankroll. I hope they never do away with free drinks completely, that's one of the things that's only Vegas. And those things are getting few and far between.

      1. It does seem like they are trying to push things in that direction, with lower quality stuff and those ridiculous light and ticket systems where you have to 'qualify' for a comped drink. And Mr. Dangleshorts' place (Wynn/Encore) doesn't comp VP players at the bars at all, which is kind of where it started.


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