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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - Feb 1, 2018 - Golden Gate

The Golden Gate has been through good times and bad.

It is definitely flourishing under Derek Stevens' ownership, but as usual, I get nostalgic for times gone by.

I think I loved the Golden Gate most when it was just on the edge of seedy, and fairly run down.

At the back was a Deli, and the home of the famous 99-cent shrimp cocktail. 

Enjoying the Deli at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.
Enjoying the Deli at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

There was some seating back there, and a piano player sometimes too.

The Bay City Diner was everything you want in a diner. Counter seating, booths, rubbies, the works.

That morphed into Du-Par's which is now closed. So - no more Deli, no more Shrimp bar, no more piano player, no more coffee shop - but we do have dancing dealers!

    1 comment:

    1. Dupar's was awesome. Our favorite breakfast in Vegas.

      So how does a restaurant that has people in line all morning and into the afternoon every day have to shut down? I'm still waiting for an answer.


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