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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Things I Hate About Deuces Wild - Wednesday 28-Feb-2018

Wednesday 28-Feb-2018 8:16 pm

Initially a minor disaster at the Cal. Bought in for $20 and played a few hands. Won the match play

Played a bit more and lost. On the last hand I had a double situation So I had to buy in for another $20. Which I lost. So won the match play and lost $40

On to the Plaza. The plan was to buy in for $40 and win $35 to use with the match play. Alternatively I would play the last $25 if losing.  Well this all worked like a charm.

Wednesday 28-Feb-2018 2:43pm

I have:

  • $25 match play coupon (Plaza)
  • $25 match play token (Golden Gate)
  • $25 match play token (The D)
  • $5 match play token (The D)
  • $5 match play token (The D)
And brand new, a $5 match play coupon at the Cal.

I need to put on my big risky boy blackjack pants!

No word on the "Fuck You Tropicana" coffee maker delivery.

Wednesday 28-Feb-2018

So here it is sunny, but it's warmer in Flusherville than it is here. Flusherville also has better luck than I do today.

And, there's geese there. They've returned, so spring is imminent.

A quick morning Deuces Wild session revealed these Flusher Indignities to me, about five minutes apart.

Why I hate Deuces Wild, part 1.

Why I hate Deuces Wild, part 2.
On the plus side, I got a staple straightener shotsky branded with a competitor's logo.

And I stayed out of the (shudder) fish bowl mints that six exhibitors had.

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