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Monday, March 12, 2018

All Flavors of Hell Breaking Loose Wind - Monday 12-March-2018

Tuesday 13-March-2018 02:00am (EDT)

My melon-shaped head hit the pillow and I was instantly asleep, or would have been if not for Chippy's dog breath as she sat on Master's chest.

Quad Queen, Chippy, Fucking Snow, home sweet home.

Monday 12-March-2018 5:49pm (EDT)

So here's the way it went... I was booked to fly yesterday, Sunday, out of Vegas at 11:35am to Philadelphia, and then a connecting flight to Watertown.

The PHL flight was delayed due to mechanical issues, and I got the email saying I could rebook because of the unmakeable connection.

Using my savvy Internet Skillz, I determined that there were only 3 options. a) try and make it and probably spend the night in Philadelphia on American Airlines' dime b) take a different route through Phoenix, and a red-eye on to PHL and then Watertown c) rebook on a 9:15am flight the next day and have a leisurely layover in PHL.

I got on the phone and they tried to charge me, but I had 'em. Rebook, done. No charge. Another day in Vegas. Next, clear with Veeblefetzer. Next... go and see host to get the room extended for another night.

And I spent the day in Vegas, with the added bonus of hanging out with my cousin, Dr. Raoul Shiboubou, the penguin rancher and wrangler from Manitoba.

I woke up with somewhat of a headache. Let's just say that.

Oh - the Uber driver was an asshole. Drove like an idiot, longhauled me through the tunnel to Terminal 1, and cemented our love-fest by dropping me off at Southwest instead of American.

Anyway, here I am in PHL - any recommendations for something to eat in D, E or F terminals? Drop a line on my Facebook.

Monday 12-March-2018 5:39am

Il'll explain more later... I was booked to fly home yesterday

Didn't happen.

Another day in Vegas and shenanigans with no other than the infamous Dr Raoul Shiboubou?!

This is from the piPhone so no fancy writin'.

More later!

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