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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All You Need Is Cash - Tuesday 6-March-2018

Tuesday 6-March-2018 8:42pm

Today was a write-off. Ever notice that the days you have the worst luck and worst results you actually play very little? No way to spin it, and I have no idea what I can say that is remotely entertaining.

How about a random photo?

De Vito and Schwarzenegger bat phones.

Tuesday 6-March-2018 2:07pm

I'm ensconced at the Tropicana and went in search of coffee supplies - you know, paper cups, creamers and such. (Paper cups don't pack well.)

I have just pulled off the most daring daylight java raid ever.

I saw an opportunity, dangerous yes, but the rewards were sky high. In a conference room, they'd set up for a huge presentation. The doors were open and a few early arrivals had found places to sit.

There across the carpet lay my target - a huge layout of hot coffee, tea, and all the junk that goes with it. I waltzed in like I owned the place and pulled three or four paper cups off the stack. Then I scanned for useful additions. All the cream was in jugs, so no little creamers to be had. There was honey, and teabags and crap.

And there were mugs. Real, hardcore, ceramic room camping cheap bastard coffee mugs. I grabbed one and headed for the door.

Just out in the hallway... security guard approaching. Shit! I switched the mug to my right hand and hid it as best I could. He looked right at me. I tucked it up behind my hand, hoping I wouldn't feel the long percolated arm of the coffee law.

Somehow, I made it by and practically ran for the elevator. Score! Enjoying a Little Giant Coffee Machine black coffee (with purloined Starbuck's stevia).

It's too bad there were no creamers. It's not like I was going to pour a bunch of cream into one of their paper cups and make off with it like nobody's business...



Tuesday 6-March-2018 6:50am

It's so comforting to wake up to the gaze of the Pre-fab Four greeting you with their staring eyes. We all love them - Dirk, Barry, Stig and Nasty - and the way their music lives on at Mirage is very appropriate.
Direct from Rutland, Dirk, Stig, Barry and Nasty. Maybe not in that order.
It's been a while since I've seen "RUT" at the Mirage, but believe me, the Tijana-based Circo Olé brings the classic hits to life in a spectacle that can't be missed, with their surreal costumes, running around, jumping, waving of arms as in trying to signal for Help, and occasionally hanging from a vividly painted jungle gym.

And so, there they are. Looking the way they look, the way we remember them - looking right at me. In my room.

Staring. They were there last night, they were there yesterday, and they are there this morning, fucking STARING at me.

I'm closing the drapes.

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