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Friday, March 9, 2018

Catshit Bonus Time - Friday 9-March-2018

Friday 9-March-2018 11:48pm

Note to self: Fire incompetent host.

Had a very enjoyable meet-up with a long-time blog supporter and reader. I'd asked my host if she could set up a comp for two people at Redwood Steakhouse and she said and I quote "yes honey, what time?". I reconfirmed that it was for two, not one person.

Dinner was great as always and when the bill came, it wasn't covered. Awkies.

Friday 9-March-2018 3:34pm

Made the move back downtown and had a long session of blackjack. After an hour I was up $6. After two hours I was down $50. After three hours I was down $80. I never really got it going. At the end I got felted (which I rather enjoyed) by the dealer with the sweetest smile ever, Lynn.

I'd lazarused five times but in the end, they get it all. Which is different from getting it all in the end.

One cool thing happened - four simu-blackjacks, one for everyone that was playing the hand.

Four Blacks Jack.
Friday 9-March-2018 9:00am

Got an interesting day lined up which will include such activities as drinking, over-eating, and gambling.

Mic drop.

I'm not feeling particularly inspired due to happenings back in Flusherville, but Vegas is in front of me, and I won't waste it.

Besides, you Flushies want me to get into some kind of hilarious trouble, and I can't let you down on that score.

Hey, maybe I'll even win the catshit bonus!

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