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Monday, March 5, 2018

Dick Heads- Monday 5-March-18

Monday 5-March-18 5:39pm

This trip might be my worse ever for turning freeplay into cash. I'm batting about 35%.

Video poker has been really bad today. I'm having nothing but the kind of session where you put in a $20 bill and the first 8 hands are nothing. Then you get a pair. Then you lose four more hands. You're basically trying to win back $15 with $5 left in the machine - just to get even.

Blackjack has been very interesting this trip. In fact, I might have to change my name to Royal Jacker or something.

But who am I kidding - VP is just in my DNA. Even Google Photos thinks so - it's pegged the video poker characters as family members of mine. Now that's degenerate.

Monday 5-March-18 2:23pm

I've been to Ellis Island about six times and every time I'm too early for BBQ.

Timing fail. I've lost $20 playing to qualify for the $10 freeplay.

At least I won a free beer.

Monday 5-March-18 6:52am

Treasure Island has a nicer view than the Cal does, and they poured me Maker's Mark at the bar last night.

I asked about Maker's in the Cal pit yesterday, and the answer was no. So there it seems that either there is some bartender discretion, or someone didn't get the memo. Regardless, it seems clear that Boyd has barred the taps on better booze brands for base-level bettors.

T.I. gave me $100 free play and a room for a few nights, no resort fee, so I booked it of course. Doesn't matter much, I'll be off volunteering at Grommet Expo during the days anyway.

One thing that T.I. has over other properties is the number of girls with dicks on their heads.

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