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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Grommet One - Wednesday 7-March-2018

Wednesday 7-March-2018 10:57pm

Things got a bit sloppy at the Chandelier bar at Cosmo - I was overdriving my drink tickets. I ended up having a snootful and still gave two tickets away.

My last Maker's went into a plastic traveller so as not to take glassware from the bar, and I promptly dumped it on a marble counter.

I had a really good time at that bar and some interesting things happened.

And I enjoyed the music. It's a rarity to hear Ranking Full Stop in a casino - or anywhere these days - and that cheered me up bigtime.

Why did I need cheering up? A good friend of mine, and faithful reader of this blog, is facing a tough challenge. She's up to it but it is going to be hard work.

So sweetie, this is for you. xx oo.

Meanwhile, the rest of you mooks can play 'Find the Deuces'. There's two sets of  'em in this photo.

Wednesday 7-March-2018 2:00pm

Finally got a break on the free play. $15 freeplay, three quads in quick succession (clumping) and $121.25 out. Now I can go and piss that away!

Wednesday 7-March-2018 5:45am

It's an exciting day in Las Vegas at the Grommet One Symposium, where I'll be volunteering to pick up a few hundred used coffee cups throughout the day. Supplies for the Little Giant should not be an issue now!

Oh yeah - the sunrise got up this morning, too.

You know how you have maybe a bad run in the casino one night and you slink back to your room clenching your fists and feeling very angry and knowing you should take a break so you sit in your room and put on some shitty TV show and then grind up one of every pill, vitamin, Rolaid, and antihistamine you have and snort the whole mess and then throw successively heavy objects against the windows to see what it takes to break one?

Yeah, me neither.

Usually the next day I feel far enough way from 'the badness' that I have hope and optimism for the next time out. Still feeling a little ragged about it.

Monetarily it wasn't very bad, but I had a personal streak on the line. Read the whole report when it comes out to find out what the fuck I'm talking about.

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