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Saturday, March 3, 2018

No-Roller Free Scenery - Saturday 03-March-18

Saturday 03-March-18 9:26pm

What a struggle on blackjack. Over almost 3 hours, I played on four different tables.


  • yammering fake jewellery diva trying to lure the dealer into her pyramid scheme holding crystal 'parties'
  • very cute dealer named Lynn with a beautiful smile, aka black widow killer of bankrolls
  • dealer who didn't like that I consulted my strategy card for 10 seconds, and that I told her to quit rushing me, and then starting firing my cards on the other side of my drink and chips instead of in front of me. I told her where I would like them, and next hand she did it again. COLOR.
  • final table was a winner. Nice dealer, nice people, and made my win goal

Saturday 03-March-18 3:21pm

HUGE shout out to T.H. Thanks for supporting the degeneracy!!!! Your donation is highly appreciated.

Saturday 03-March-18 11:03am

I opted for buffet breakfast. Very healthy because vegetables along with the sausage, cheese, and greasy meat.

Flusher's Fortunes have Fled this morning, but I did manage to play 1h 10m on $20 on Treasure Chest.

Saturday 03-March-18 6:31am

Just like you never know what surprises you might find in your pants after a hard night of drinking and gambling, you never know what kind of free scenery Las Vegas might put up for your gratis viewing pleasure.

Good morning, you gambling freeloaders!

Now that's a pretty stunning sunrise, brought to you by my trusty Cameron G16. Jimmy Poon bought a box of these on a Vancouver dock. Paid cash.

Apparently they are just as good as the real thing.

Actually, there's a sticker that says 'Cameron' on it and I think it is covering up another logo.

The Little Giant Coffee Machine has more than paid for itself already, and has made another splendid cup of Mr. Takeout Coffee(TM) - Real Takeout CoffeeYou Make at Home!

The question now is... eat real food, or a round of Torment Oatmeal (with emergency nuts).


    1. GO, FLUSHER, GO!

    2. Was the horrible dealer you mentioned at the Cal??? Hard to believe if so but yeah definitely COLOR on that!

      1. Yes, it was. I'm glad I didn't get into it with her, it would have just got under my skin. Better to just walk.

        I've only ever had two dealers there that weren't friendly and helpful.


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