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Friday, March 2, 2018

One Card Away - Friday 02-March-2018

Friday 02-March-2018 6:49pm

I'm not sure what's wrong.

Maybe it's the coffee.

But I can't stop winning today. Oh yeah! I kissed a hundred dollar bill and I liked it.

I did a $5 parlay experiment which completely bombed. I've come to the conclusion that short-funded parlays are a bad idea. There aren't enough credits there to ride out the dips. Nine tries, nine results of zero. I'll explain more in the full trip report.

After that, I was pissed off - and who wouldn't be - and did my old 'pick some ridiculously volatile game with a horrid paytable and hope for a bold of lightning' trick. Like so many times before, it paid off!

Ultra Bonus. Aces and 2,3,4 premium quads, no fucking around with kickers. I wonder what the payback is on this paytable. Tring? Get your slide rule out.
If you think that is pretty great - and it is - there's more. And that more will have to wait until the full trip report, because I'm not going to blow my whole load here and now. I'm only going to blow the Ultra part of my load.

That all did not come out right.

Going to check my keno ticket and play some blackjack.

Friday 02-March-2018 12:13pm

Strange things have been almost happening, like this almost royal on the redeal.

It's not the first time this trip, either.

This has happened three or four times in the last couple of days.

It would be great to tick the box for getting a royal on the redeal. It would be great to get a royal, period.

Friday 02-March-2018 7:10am

Looks like a sunny day in Vegas. I was able to sit out in the sun yesterday and be quite comfortable. I'm hoping it snows at home, so I can feel so superior because I'm away from the snow. Enjoying the misery of others' snow would be Snowdenfroid, I guess you could call it.

The Little Giant Coffee Machine is performing flawlessly. I'm really happy with it. It makes - get this - hot coffee!

The real payoff is on mornings like this one where my head is not quite keeping up with my body. I don't have to go anywhere, I don't have to talk to anyone - I just fire up the Little Giant (okay, so I press a button) and a couple of minutes later, fresh brewed antidote.

Coffee is nalaxone for a hangover.

Because I was not able to get the huge Double Double Bonus progressive royal at Main Street Station last night, I have also put the Little Giant to work making a little giant cup of Punishment Oatmeal (with emergency nuts in). That will be my breakfast, and my bio-penance for such (enjoyable) self-abuse at the hands of the Devil Alcohol.

Onc card short of $1970. I did win $1.25 though.
Behold the sexy high-flying luxury hotel lifestyle of the Savvy Gambler.

A Cup of Coffee.

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    1. 98.75% return on that ultra bonus poker game. Strategy looks like it straddles DDB and TDB.


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