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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit - Thursday 1-Mar-2018

Thursday 1-Mar-2018 8:18pm The Double Double Bonus quarter progressive's Royal at Main Street Station topped $1800. It's hard to get a seat!

Then it topped $2000.

Then it topped $2200!!!!

That's an 8/5 Double Double Bonus game with a $2200 Royal. It's probably not more percentage-wise than 9/6 DDB, but... ... $2200 freaking dollar quarter Royal!!!
Thursday 1-Mar-2018 3:56pm

We have cheap in-room coffee. I'm so looking forward to not paying the Tropicana $30 a day for an in-room coffee maker rental.

Thirty-dollar coffee doesn't mean a hell of a lot
Thirty-dollar coffee doesn't mean a thing
But give it to me every hour, forty hours every week
That's enough for me to be a coffee-drinking king!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I blew all my day's budget except for $20.

Thursday 1-Mar-2018 6:20am

Checked on the Fuck You $15 $30 a Day Tropicana Coffee Maker delivery... it's looking up!

   Thursday, March 1

   5:57 AM
   Package arrived at a carrier facility
   Las Vegas, NV US

Thursday 1-Mar-2018 6:02am

Hotel said the water would be off between 4:00am and 6:00am for 'emergency repairs'. So I filled up all the cups in the room last night, laid out some kindling and a few small branches, and put the wipers up on my windshield.

I was ready.

Water is on! Going to make some s'mores in the room anyway.

Saw an impromptu exhibition of grace and athleticism on Fremont Street last night - the mixed duo sneaker pair of Manfredi and Johnson dazzled the crowd some of the highlights from their short program!

Here we see them gathering speed for a triple lutz / triple toe loop combination into a death spiral that saw Johnson's hair grazing the pavement as the crowd gasped in astonishment.


    1. Why is it Fyou Tropicana Coffee Maker when you are staying downtown? Did I (and the rest of us) miss something?

    2. Manfredi and Johnson. A Stalag 17 reference?

      Have fun!

      John B.


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