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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer 300 - Sunday 4-March-18

Sunday 4-March-18 8:21pm

What a day! After about 15 minutes of volunteering as a Mountain Dew host, I bailed, and took up my rightful place chasing degenerate jackpots.

As if the $2200 progressive the other night (which I didn't win) wasn't enough, the progressive on the Mezzanine level (aka upstairs) at the Cal got up to $2800 (which I also didn't win) by the time I left.
I spent $2700 chasing this, then went for lunch. Upon my return it was at $2800.
I met a very sweet little I.S.G. who sat down next to me while I was in the midst of losing all the cash I had on my person chasing said royal progressive and on her first hand, held but a single Ace and got Aces Kicker. I was very happy for her, congratulated her effusively, and then muttered obscenities at 10dB quieter than she could possible hear.

Things got reallllly crazy at a blackjack table at the Plaza. I can't even. I'll explain all when I write up the full trip report.

Then it was a fucked up Uber ride to T.I. Wait, what?

An Uber ride?

Summoned from the Uber app?

Could it be that the Uber support people actually fixed my account so that it could access the money pit rather than get flooded through the box drains at the swamp?

Yes, Uber actually worked, for those that have read along with the Blunder Down Under trip.

Sunday 4-March-18 5:21am

I've noticed a preponderance of people wearing clothing festooned with large digits. As well, they display a plethora of commercial advertising logos.

This can mean only one thing.

It's NASCAR in Las Vegas, and I have the opportunity to be acting as a Mountain Dew host in the Monster Veeblefetzer Grommet powered by Mountain Dew presented by Xfinity Mr. Takeout Coffee 300 race IGT Loose Deuce edition.

I'm up and at 'em and the Little Giant Coffee Machine is brewing a steaming cup of Mr. Takeout Coffee. There's nothing like real takeout coffee you make at home!

Tried the Simpsons. It was actually pretty fun, if unfathomable. The waving hand sensor stuff is bullshit. Nobody understands what to do, and then it doesn't work anyway.

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