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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday's Child Has Far To Go - Saturday 10-March-2018

Saturday 10-March-2018 9:48pm

Had a blast playing coin dropper Pay the Aces, No Faces at Main Street Station. $40 lasted me two hours and 900 or so hands.

Then those damn slant tops ate three times that in about eight minutes. I swear there is something more volatile about those slant Game Kings, compared to the old uprights.

The problem with uprights is... it can be very painful to play them for many hours.

Saturday 10-March-2018 3:50pm

Things continue to be choppy - just when you think you've got it sorted... 

Met up with Casey at the D to do my $25 match play, and two $5 match plays too, emboldened by the ticket you see below.

First I lost $40 at the Longbar, but gained a couple of Long Boards. Excellent. Then blackjack.
It went great for a while, but lost the $25 match play on a dealer blackjack. I had a good hand, too, 19.

Things really turned for good when I bet $15, doubled it, and the twit sitting at third base next to Casey refused to double on an Ace 6 against a dealer 6. Of course I lost the hand, and we kept track of what would have happened if she'd doubled - dealer would have busted. 

It went halfway into the dumper, then they changed dealers and it plummeted into the dumper.

Casey showed good instincts, wanting to walk with maybe 45% of our stake. My degenerate nature kept me obsessively in play until it was all gone except $20, dragging Casey with me to $0.
By the way, some dealers are great and some suck ass. The dickhead who finished us off - first hand, I'm dealt 20 against his 3 or something.

Fucking guy points at my hand, waiting for me to tell him no I don't want to make the stupidest draw in blackjack ever, thank you. Help a guy out and you might see a few tips. No need to even ask on 20.
A quick visit to the good ole downtown deuces at the Elco killed off $50 in about 14 minutes.

What happened?!!

Saturday 10-March-2018 10:12am

Violent video poker plan violently executed. I should Patton this.

(See what I did there?)

Saturday 10-March-2018 8:04am

The ole flusher bankroll is at stake (heh). Looks like I've got some gambling to do!

What do you do at the end of the trip? Do you coast smoothly and carefully? Do you go balls out and violently?

Yeah, I'm up for some damn violent video poker.


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