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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Broken Hearts

It doesn't seem right to do anything tonight except keep vigil for the Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The horrific crash that claimed so many wonderful young men is felt deeply all across Canada. Our hearts are broken for the players, parents, families, and supporters of the Humboldt Broncos.

Tonight, take a moment. Vegas can wait for a day.


    1. Sad times true enough. Most Americans don't understand Junior Hockey in Canada. I figured it out in 1994 when in Montreal with some buddies. We were fledgling fantasy hockey players from DFW, Chicago and Miami. We all met at the end of the season in Montreal to watch our beloved Blackhawks play Les Habitants in the old Forum. At the hotel breakfast buffet that Saturday morning there was a motherly/grandmotherly woman ahead of us and I chatted her up. She was there to see Trent Yawney, her Junior Hockey charge. She wasn't a blood relative but she may as well have been. So proud that he made it to the bigs. I got it. I understood what Junior Hockey was about in the Great White North. We 'Muricans should treat our minor league ballplayers with the same respect.


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