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Monday, April 16, 2018

Immoral Support

Saturday - Day 8

Saturday morning in Vegas. I wake up to a world of possibilities and choices. For example, Torment Oatmeal for breakfast? Or a selection of 200 items, dishes, condiments, desserts, and beverages from the Main Street Station buffet?

I am a pushover. After in-room coffee thanks to the Little Giant, and some interneting to update followers of this blog, I make my decision.

This is not Torment Oatmeal
I eat various shapes and colors for breakfast from the wide selection available, including disc, half moon, trapezoid, bright red, fractal, and throw-up. It's... okay. The half moon is good because it was shaped to order.

I try a few machines and quickly get that panicky feeling that leads me towards trying to hit a big one to just sort it all right away. Super Double Double Bonus fits the bill. I like this game because there is kicker action on not just the Aces, 2s, 3s, 4s, but on the Jacks, Queens, Kings as well. This game has more hole card action than the YMCA.

And I do get four Kings... and no kicker, so I win $62.50 instead of $200.

Treasure Chest is fun for a while because I do get a couple of quads. So, it has to be said, this game is no particular fun at all without them. Nothing makes me sadder than playing Treasure Chest without any Treasure Chests.

I get a 140 coiner. And I get a 180 coiner. I have yet to get the 5000 coiner. It's on my coin bucket list.

Basically, I lose on five different types of machine, a total of $100.

What to do, what to do... I kick back over to the Cal. And it's a continuing struggle. I'm disciplined, sticking to quarters, moving on after a machine eats a twenty, but I'm down $80 at the cal and I have $20 left of the $200 I took out of the safe - which is supposed to last me all day.

I can pretty much envision being down $200, and then $300 because I will for sure take another $100 rather than sit in the room testing Torment Oatmeal recipes and watching infomercials.

What I need is some immoral support, so I facetime the Quad Queen, who I know will send me back to the safe if I lose the last twenty bucks. I get her on the horn and show her around, show her the machine and put $20 in.

Oopsies, this is a dollar machine. I even ask if she thinks I should cash out. She says no, go for it. See what I mean?

And all of a sudden, it is exciting and fun. We sweat through every hand. Lose a couple, win one, lose two more, lazarus, get three of a kind. We are hanging by a thread. I get some playing room with a full house and work up to $60. I ask if she thinks I should cash out. She says no, keep playing.

I gladly do. The quad doesn't come but I get my fingertips within reach of $100 and finally I'm over it to $105. I just need to keep winning so I can have a chance at the quad, and still have a good profit. But the next hand is a loser and I don't hesitate. I cash, $100 in coins. We say so long and I haul those babies to the cage.

I'm back in the game and headed for the blackjack tables.

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