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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Royal and Flusher go to White Castle

Friday - Day 7 - continued

The Deuces Wild magic has not made a second appearance, so I silently thank the old girl for coughing up $500, and head off. I never tire of walking through the El Cortez. Up the few steps, past the - Simpson's video slot?

I have to stop and give it a try. Like most video slots, I have know idea what's going on, but there is a lot of activity and Homer talks to me quite a bit. There are flashing symbols and various characters coming and going. I get a couple of bonus rounds, including one where I'm supposed to control Homer's hand - I'm convinced that the 'sensor' is a sham. No motion that I make seems to have any influence over how many sprinkles Homer's donut collects.

I move on, past the vintage car in the lobby, through the chain gang machines staffed with people that probably never leave their choice of addiction, and through the pit. A right turn, past the sports book and out the slidey doors.

It is not that long since the block of Fremont between the El Cortez and the end of the Fremont Street Experience canopy was a no man's land of failed businesses and shuttered shops, the methadone clinic, a dollar store or two, and people so down and out, the places where down and out people go won't even allow them to hang out there.

There has been quite a bit of turnover as various enterprises have tried to keep their foothold, but the better ones are still around, and others have been replaced. The current crop fills the block with a full house and both sides of the street are reborn. Many times I have walked that block and seen no more than three other people, all of whom are eyeing me up and down like I were a chicken dinner.

Those people are still there, but so are many, many others - crowds of them now. This block is reborn.

Vegas history gets lost when these things happen and I see the latest casualty - as mentioned earlier, the Trader Bill's neon sign has been given a makeover, thus eradicating 99% of its vintage charm and history. It's now a White Castle sign, with only the old shape remaining to remind us of the past.

There's only one thing to do - take some pics, and try White Castle.

This is my first foray into a White Castle. I have had one of their sliders before - a giveaway they had at El Cortez one time - but that doesn't count. My recollection was that a White Castle slider is a little teeny fucking hamburger that tastes like onions.

The marketing weenies have earned their mustard on choosing this location - the place is jammed. So is the menu.


The making of the teeny fucking hamburgers.
I don't really know what to order, so I just go with the basics - four sliders. But I see jalapeno jack can be put on them, so I go for that.

What I get is a sack of four teeny fucking hamburgers that taste like onions - with jalapeno jack cheese on them.

Pluses - they are quite tasty, and I file away that White Castle sliders could be the perfect late night drunk food crave.

Minuses - they are quite tasty, and I immediately want more, and  the order comes with enough garbagey paper and packaging to fell a redwood. There's a bag, napkins, and each little teeny fucking hamburger comes in its own cardboard little teeny fucking hamburger garage. Condiments come in little plastic packages. As The Jam once said, this is the modern world.

I hit Fremont for some Slutty Times Pay action, hitting a few things and coming close to a couple of monsters on back to back spinner hands. Overall, I put in $40 and take out $80. Things are rolling my way!

Even Treasure Chest coughs up a quad to double my twenty there.

After all this excitement, I take some time off, picking up a keno ticket and heading to the room for the unprecedented activity of putting money into the safe. I am not sure I won't trigger some intergalactic apocalypse by reversing the stream, but go for it anyway.

Resting is nice, and once again, I almost hit it big on Keno. Shoulda woulda coulda, but my $40 more than doubles up when I finally venture back to the casino.

It's Friday, and the special at the coffee shop is Oxtail Disco Stew. I have it. As usual it's amazing.

Blackjack went well. I did a quick $40 buy-in and twenty minutes later, cashed $100. I can't stop winning today. It's fabulous!

I decide to ride that luck back over to good ole crazy Ultra Bonus. It pays 800 credits for 2s, 3s or 4, and 2000 for Aces. No fucking around with kickers or any bullshit. You get the quad, you get paid.

Another set of Ducks for me and I can't believe it. I'm just sitting there going holy holy shit holy shit!

I have a couple more quads to round out the day.

This was one of those great days that you need to have now and again to keep you going on a trip. I couldn't be happier when I pack it in and do an accounting.

Video poker: +$620 on the day
Blackjack: +$60 on the day
Keno:  +$50 on the day

Over all, I am up $730 on the day. Not bad for someone who is purportedly playing nickles.

Best part, at the halfway point (!) I am up on the trip! 

Trip: +$305


    1. Nicely done! Those White Castle Scooby Snacks must have been lucky.

    2. If you like Ultra Bonus, you might like Super Aces Bonus Poker. Smaller payout on the quad 2s-4s (400 versus 800 in Ultra), but you get 3 for 1 instead of 2 for 1 on trips, which makes a big difference, and still the big payoff on the Aces.

      I swear that either the Cal or Fremont used to have full pay Super Aces, but I don't see it listed for either place in vpFREE2. They do list Downtown Grand as having some full-pay (8/5) Super Aces games at 99.93% payback. (For comparison, that 8/5 Ultra Bonus game was only 96.58%).

    3. Ooohhhh....a cliffhanger. Tune in tomorrow to learn why they call them "sliders".

    4. I have been following so Congrats a positive day is nice a positive trip is Superb. You summed it up correctly with White Castle. They are gut bombs good for soaking up late night drunken escapades.

    5. Mervis is right. You forgot the multiplications-How many more trips to the bathroom you'll be making tomorrow.


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