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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Great Coffee Cup Caper

Tuesday - Day 11

Another moving day. My bill at T.I. is exactly $0.00 and I am done playing here, so it's is a simple matter of firing up the Little Giant for a couple of doses, and packing up.

It's been a while since I've seen "RUT" at the Mirage, but believe me, the Tijana-based Circo Olé brings the classic hits to life in a spectacle that can't be missed, with their surreal costumes, running around, jumping, waving of arms as in trying to signal for Help, and occasionally hanging from a vividly painted jungle gym.

Direct from Rutland, Dirk, Stig, Barry and Nasty. Maybe not in that order.

And so, there they are. Looking the way they look, the way we remember them. The Pre-Fab Four, looking right at me. In my room.

At Grommet World, I spend most of my time in a volunteer capacity handing out snappy killer grommet keychains, and a new addition - Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer branded Band-Aids.

The conference floor is almost empty by mid-afternoon, except for marketing weenies and demo Sheilas, and I get the go-ahead from Norbert to take off. Sweet!

And off I take, to the Tropicana. I check in and get a room facing the airport. It's great free entertainment if I run out of daily bankroll, which will probably be in about 7 minutes.

It looks bigger in real life.
I decide to procure some coffee supplies and pull off the most daring daylight java raid ever.

After stepping out of the elevator, I move immediately into "what can I pilfer?" mode, eyes scanning left and right, watching for unattended goodies, my threat radar watching for any heat.

There's a coffee place right in front of me, but it's closed for the day, and all their pilferables are locked away.

Moving down the hallway into the conference room area, I hit pay grounds.

There's an opportunity, dangerous yes, but the rewards are sky high. In a conference room, they've set up for a huge session. The doors are open and a few overly-eager early arrivals have found places to sit.

There across the carpet is my target - a huge layout of hot coffee, tea, and all the junk that goes with it. I waltz in like I own the place and pull three or four paper cups off one of the many stacks. Then I scan for useful additions. All the cream is in jugs, so there are no little creamers to be had. There is honey, teabags and crap, but I'm not interested in that stuff.

And then I see them - mugs! Real, hardcore, ceramic room-camping cheap bastard coffee mugs. I grab one and headed for the door.

Just out in the hallway, my heat radar goes off... security guard approaching. He's like twenty feet away! Shit! I switch the mug to my right hand and hide it as best I can. He look right at me. I tuck the mug up behind my hand, and hope I won't feel the long percolated arm of the coffee law. I make a show of holding the paper cups in my left hand, as though they were full to the brim of hot stuff, in a weak attempt at distraction.

Somehow, I make it by and practically run for the elevator.

Score! The Little Giant Coffee Machine is going to feel oh so proud dumping its brown fluid into a real ceramic mug. Maybe that isn't the best description.

It's too bad there are no creamers. But that's solvable with a later caper.

I eat a late lunch of half a CVS chicken pita (around $5 and surprisingly good), use one of the paper cups for a traveller, and head to the casino.

Before you have casino fun, scan the kiosk, see what you've won.
Flusher's Rule.

Savvy drinklegamblers like me know that if the casino has a kiosk, you should swipe your player's card before doing anything else. You might win free play, or a points multiplier, or a chicken, or who knows what. You don't want to play three quarters of a day before scanning and turning on a points multiplier.

There's a little spin game on the kiosk, and by hair of Jimmy's Poon, I hit it big on the freeplay, if your idea of big is five bucks.

It doesn't really go well in the casino, and I'm glad I had the thrill of the "Prize is Right".

Nickle multiplay coughs up just a few decent hands before I finish my $20 daily freeplay, plus the extra $5 free play, and some cash.

I lose enough to move on.

There's a new little chinese food outlet at the Tropicana, called Red Lotus. It's medium fast food, I suppose. You order, and the wok some stuff up and bring it out to you.

Stupidly, I order the Kung Pao Chicken, after having eaten the zenith of such chicken the night before - this is guaranteed to not be as good. And I'm not disappointed in that. It's... okay.

The best part is the fortune cookie! What a fortune!

I am so, well, fortunate!
Now that's the kind of fortune I can get behind!!!

The pit beckonsand I get grandfathered in at craps just as the minimum goes from $5 to $10.

First roll, seven, winner. I parlay my pass line bet.
Second roll, craps.
Then three rolls of point, seven out.

With about $45 left, I haul ass outta there in search of a nice $5 blackjack table to build on my eight session winning streak. Yep, that's right, I've won eight in a row, which astounds even me, and I'm not easily astoundable.

All the $5 tables are 6/5, which I eschew (look it up) so I plunk down, alone, at a $15 double deck table. I win one time at that table and in 60 seconds, I'm out.

The whole thing from dinner to dump takes about seven minutes, and that includes walking time.

As a last gasp shot, I try stupid BEEEFFAALLOOOOOOO! and next thing I know, it is jisming gold pieces by the electronic bushel!

It's a nice little win of $27.60, enough to give me false hope, and fifteen minutes after that, I'm up in the room, watching airplanes. The final kick in the flaps is that my big El Cortez Deuces win is all gone, and I'm now down on the trip again. But honestly, this is day 11, and I'm down around a hundred bucks - that's pretty damn good.

Machines: -$110
Blackjack: -$45
Craps: -$55

Trip: -$105


    1. Pretty damn good indeed.

    2. Too bad that the bushel was actually one of those tiny Chinese tea cups....says kodidog.


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