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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Big Red Drink - Sunday May 20 dispatches


It was a long day traveling yesterday, but I still managed to have a pretty good time. The bar at the Plaza was happy to pour Maker's Mark except - the bottle was down to just a wee dram. I was forced to move on to Jameson's.

The bartender was a very friendly woman, and I got to know a fellow who works with the Electric Flusher Carnival. Between the three of us we had a meaningful discussion about hot sauces and they introduced me to a new brand.

The bartender made me a drink that starts with'M' but I think is better called the Big Red Drink. She made it virgin because of my Maker's/Jameson base, but I was having none of that. Top that bitch up with vodka please and thank you.

Beware the Big Red Drink! It could become a habit...


It wouldn't be Fremont Street without Country Throw-up Gravy, now would it.

I still chuckle over the steak knife. Dude - it's a deep fried burger patty with coating. I can cut that shit with my spoon if I have to, to get the next oozing delicious bite into my gravy hole.

The sticker marking my ringside seat at the Four Queens is defiled and scratched... but still intact. I don't know who would stoop to this overkill, but they should know... I have more stickers. Lots, lots more.

I'm actually kind of surprised that it stayed up this long.

Beeefallooo was pretty fun at the Plaza with the 'vibro prairie tickler electro-action seat'. When the buffalo run, the seat vibrates like a bordello magic wand. Hitachi's, to be specific. The plug-in one.

As is appropriate with all things Flusher, the machine just down from me coughed up a $2,600 plus jackpot for some other mook. Good machine choice, sir, now fuck off.

It's pretty hot in town, but I headed down to the strip to meet up with some family and share a cold one or two out on a patio. It was pretty great.

Greatness continued as I finally found Big Money Haircut Funkhouser. Funk hosted me for the night, and what a great host he was indeed.

We started at the Diamond lounge in Paris where Freddie poured triples. I only ever ordered two and the second one lasted me through dinner, and beyond.

The Burger Bra Asserrie served up some yummy stuff, all covered by Funk's comp.

Even better, not only did he lead me to a winning machine, he lent me $20 to get the thing going. I guess I did my part because the $20 was a freeplay coupon, and I managed to turn it into $20 cold flappy cash for the man. Plus a bunch more for me.

Monday is another day, and Blonde is making up for the sticker war by pointing me at her favorite winning machines here at the Plaza. Yay Blonde!

Update on that - the favorite one was taken away. I wonder if it had one of my Official v2.0 Stickers on it?

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