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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Electric Flusher Carnival

UPDATED 9:33am

It's a gray rainy spring day in Flusherville so why not embark on a completely ill-planned trip to Vegas?


Apparently Funkhouser could use some company so I'm on my way, sparkling daisy pasties and neon green bikini and all. 

As with all things airline I have terrible luck. I'll explain later. The important thing is that in about 37 minutes I will be riding one of WestJets 737s all the way to Vegas. If the windows hold out. And the pilots don't strike halfway there. 

So it's Bon Poutine... see you in Las Vegas!

I'm excited... I'm #1!!!!!

I'm aboard WJ 1008 - the Spirit of the Pacifier.

Honey... I'm home!!!

9:33am Sunday

Made it to the Plaza and immediately spent some time at the bar.

Beware the Big Red Drink!

Got upgraded to a one bedroom suite. It's good to be the Flush!

On the agenda for today... drinklegambling and tracking down Funkhouser aka Big Money Haircut.


    1. Wait you just got back. You can't be going again. :D. Looking forward to more posts

    2. You're always #1 RF.

      However, one day I was at an in and out for lunch. My number was #69. I let the cute girl at the counter call out the number a half dozen times before I went up and picked up the order. The packed restaurant found it funny. The red faced cute girl, not so much.

      wpete aka Luca McCain


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