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Monday, May 28, 2018

Fill Up with Will Power - Live Dispatches Sun May 27, 2018

Boy did I get my fill of video poker yesterday, but not my fill of kickers. Except on super times pay nickels to start the day.

No major damage, but on the other hand, at the end of the day, I didn't understand how I could win so much all day and still lose. (Actually, I can pinpoint about four reasons why - bad blackjack session, not getting kickers, and not hitting four-to-a-royal).

Speaking of hitting, Sato did not disappoint me in the Indy 500 yesterday, sacrificing himself once again to end someone else's dreams by hitting them from behind. It was worth the $10 bet just to see that fulfilled.

Sato crushes another Indy dream in deadly embrace.

Had a long session at the Boar's Head with McGoo, watching the race and playing. McGoo got to see first hand one of six or seven failed four-to-a-royal draws for the day.

I had $10 on Will Power who used sheer will-power to power himself where he will. I never understood why interviewers don't snicker every time they say Will Power but then again they are professionals. Because Rusty Kuntz. Because Dick Trickle. 

Will Power gets a facial smack in the winner's circle.
Shout-out to my Indy Dog com padre Tony B, who provided three driver recommendations to bet on, including the winner. Made me $80 on a $10 bet! Style points taken off for not talking me out of betting on Sato. Thanks Tony!

Not only did I find a nice little Treasure Chest machine yesterday that boasted hours of play on a buy-in, not only did I tell Texas Steph about it, I was able to repeat the performance with her as witness. It was quite uncanny.

When it was all over, I lost a little over a hundy, which is pretty good for a full day of card flippin' button pushing, with free meals thrown in, which included a slab of cow.

One of the kickers that got away. One little shitty three or even a pointy turns this $100 win into $500 and makes my day a winner. It's no wonder I cottoned onto Boner Deluxe, which gives Fremont and 10th hooker quads - there are no charm school kickers needed to hit the mark - you know you are going to score. And take home a souvenir too.

Disclaimer - I have only walked around Fremont and 10th a couple of times. I left my Deluxe back in the rental car where it belongs

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