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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hockeytown - Live Vegas Dispatches Mon May 28, 2018

Today, Hockeytown isn't Detroit - it's Las Vegas. I was asked multiple times where my Knights shirt was.

Instead of my usual reply, "Fuck off, I was born in Winnipeg", I opted for the gentler 'Go Knights' and a bandwagon thumbs up. Sometimes I think I am learning how to get along with people. (And sometimes not.)

When it is not masquerading as a Monet (Money?) painting, this town is crackling with Stanley Cup Playoff excitement. Everyone is wearing their (brand new) jerseys, and the city is building on many months of hockey tradition to bring home Lord Stanley's shining, bent, cup.

Started out at the Cal this morning - my last morning there before shipping back to the Tropicana. There was 5x points on video poker and 11x points on slots, so there was good incentive to play this morning.

Master the Strict Rules of Parlay with this one Weird Trick

I had a couple of good runs, one bad run, and one other good run. Took some wins as they came and when I left for the Trop, I was up on the day.

My points yielded $39 in cash money, which I squandered used to splurge on a Keno ticket with. That beauty netted me $1.73. I added 27 cents to get two bucks out of it, which came in handy when it came time to tip my driver.

I couldn't believe I won $36.20. I found that it was unbelievable to win that much!

It's so nice when people extend a helping hand to you - Texas Steph and Hubs were heading down this way and they had a car, and offered me a lift. The even extended their time at the Boar's Head Bar a little bit to accommodate my in-progress keno game. This kind of sacrifice must be rewarded - thus the two bill gratuity, which I know will go a long way with some cocktail-delivering waitress later on.

In order to preserve the day's win, I'm basically shutting it down, except I did make an excursion to Uncle Steve Dangleshort's Glad Hand Casino.

Having said that, I've had a couple of belts and there is a casino 90 seconds away. And I have time on my hands. Lots of it.

Spot the hockey game on TV.

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