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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Make Them Pay - Live Dispatches Sat May 26, 2018

Today has been pretty interesting and enjoyable, which is a nice change from my gambling activities lately. Hanging out with fun people is always enjoyable, that was never an issue.

After I got my earlier post done, I went (guess where) down to the casino and started messing around.

I am still having trouble getting the number of quads I should - but my luck has turned for the better.

The moment it changed was just about when I received notification from Jimmy Poon that a generous donation to the blog was made by the very savvy T.H.

It came with instructions. Three simple words.

Make them Pay

I liked it a lot. Succinct and to the point.

Let's take a look at tonight's pocket dump, shall we?

Note the cold, hard cash, and the $100 chips. I didn't have most of those when I got up this morning.

Video poker is much better today, and I played my ass off. The quads still don't come as often as they should, but I'm working around that.

Ever since I got to the Cal, I've been having a great time, where the last two days at the Trop I was miserable.

Today was easily and violently the best day of the trip. If I keep it up, I'll turn the lights out on this joint.

Clearly, it's just simpler if I win, so I'll take that kthxbye.

Did anybody go upstairs at Main Street and claim the magical card in the desk drawer yet?

I'll wait here.

Looking forward to tons of racing action tomorrow. I guess I have to get up early to see the F1 race at Monte Carlo (named after a lackluster Vegas casino/hotel).

I got some great advice on three Indy 500 drivers to bet on, so I took that in hand. I also got some really shitty advice from myself and bet on Takuma Sato. He's kind of a mascot of ours - in his Formula 1 days, we generally would wait with unashamed glee to see when he would crash, how he would crash, and who he would crash into. (Don't worry, we're not ghouls, we don't want anyone to get hurt.)

Some of that carried on to Indianapolis, but by gosh, we were actually tickled and happy to see him win it last year.

So grab an Indy Dog tomorrow and cheer 28-1 Sato to victory.


    1. Sorry to see Sato revert to type this year, my son and I went ballistic last year when he won, this year just like F1

    2. I have claimed the famed card from MSS and did so last Friday. Thanks! I've emailed you before of my quest for one and was quite pleased to find it on the second drawer I opened.

      Thanks much!

      John B.
      Raleigh, NC

      1. Nicely done, John B. May the Strict Rules of Parlay bring you riches beyond your $20 buy in.


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