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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mezzanine Mayhem - Live Dispatches Sat May 26, 2018

Various folks that I've run across on the Internets are around and once I got to the Cal, I found myself in the middle of a Joan of Aces / McGoo Boar's Head Bar sandwich. Joe came over to say hello as well. He came in person rather than waving from his coveted #1 machine, so that was impressive.

Magoo demonstrates the power of the Flusher Business Card.
We played at the bar for almost four hours, during which time everybody made money - except me. I managed only one lone quad over 1600 hands of VP.

Texas Steph and Hubby treated me to dinner at the Triple 7, which was very nice of them. We had a good ole chinwag and after, I pointed them at a dollar progressive with the royal up to $6900. (I know they didn't hit it because this morning it's at $7800).

There's a BBQ bacon cheeseburger under all those delicious rings - I swear!
Joan of Aces got into some Mezzanine Mayhem up where the antiques are, including Churchill's billiards table. It's gigantic, but my observation was that Churchill's stick bent left quite a bit.

John B. from Raleigh has claimed this lucky Official Royal Flusher Business Card 2.0! 

We said so long and back at the Cal I got into a two hour blackjack session that went pretty well.

Then I had a series of 'pick a machine, put in a twenty, lose 9 hands in a row, and go out in 2 minutes' events. That just sucks.

I went for one more twenty and played for about an hour - on good ole Flashy. But Flashy wouldn't give up a quad. In a fit of desperation, I tried one more, but switched to Super Double Triple Fucker Bonus Poker.

No kicker though.

I just realized that after being here almost a week, $200 is my biggest win so far. That explains a lot.

I slept pretty crappily, I think because the air kept going on and off, and it was waking me up with an arctic blast up the ast every few minutes.

Got up pretty early as a result, showered and whatnot, and met Joan of Aces for breakfast over at the MSS buffet. Manny was on duty and I'm thrilled to know that I'm a rock star that made his day. Then Joan of Aces headed off to Zorkfest at T.I. and I headed off to the computer.

And here we are.

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