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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Plaza - Live Dispatches Monday May 21


Really enjoying my suite here at the Plaza - the view is great and it's pretty comfy.

Finally met Curt today, and he's taking care of Flushiepants business.

It was overcast today, not nearly as hot, so good for walkabout to the ElCo for those downtown deuces...

But first, stopped off at Magnolia's for breakfast.

I got two natural quads in the first five minutes. Penance.
Silly ole video keno... five out of five. 

I think I'll try Hash House a Go Go for dinner later on.


My lower nether regions have been kind of iffy since the poutine. Big fucking surprise there.

Hash House a Go Go may have been an error - or at least, my choice of Mack truck wheel hub sized deep fried crispy pork tenderloin may have been an error.

I finally met my new host at the Plaza, Curt. Sharp guy, enjoyed talking to him. Hopefully he will help me out with the room charges, which were pretty high because the EDC was on.

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