Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ride That Bus Like a Bitch - Live Dispatches Tue May 29, 2018

Updated Friday June 1, 2018

The Vegas Bus People aka the RTC have a great app to buy passes and use them on your phone to get on - and mine was still good.

I made a quick decision to head downtown from the Tropicana.

What next? Might as well make use of the local facilities, such as my corner Throne Seat at the Four Queens.

I still have comp dollars, so breakfast was in order, and Magnolia's fit the bill, as well as some Keno.

Next stop? The Keno Lounge for some white hot ball-on-ball Keno Action, using the Quad Queen's numbers per her request. She won fuck all. Keno is generally a shitty game.

Even Chippy likes to get four pointies.
I had a hankering for some Downtown Deuces at the El Cortez, so that was my next stop, and I actually had quite a gargantuan session there. I would happily stay at the ElCo if they would just send me offers again. Who else gives out ice cream as a prize for gambling? Eh? Who, I ask, Who?

FYI that's Wednesdays.

I hope to hell this was the right hold. WinPoker says it is by about 10 coins of EV.
I managed to pretty much fill out the afternoon downtown, and it was quite pleasant, with the exception of the inferno that all of the outdoors was today. Good thing I showered in sunscreen this morning.

Today I'm up a little bit and the trip is in good shape. And that's good, because in about 2 hours and 38 minutes, I'm on my way to McCarran and another Electric Flusher Carnival Las Vegas Trip Extravagonzola will be in the books.

But there is always... the Airport Royal Flush Attempt. Who knows?


I'm happy to report that my trip home was uneventful. Everything worked smoothly, on time, quietly, efficiently, and in perfect order, in complete contrast to my body.

I left a card in Terminal 3, I wonder how long it will last before the cleaners mutter 'that guy again' and take it down?

So what's next up?

The full, true and exciting detailed degenerate story of this trip with all the gory bits and pieces and I guarantee you, some surprise gambling stories.

Because the full write-up takes up quite a bit of valuable drinking time, I plan to complete the report before I start putting it out. That takes the pressure off of Jimmy Poon to ghost write the things I can't remember when the daily post is due, but we've run out of material.

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