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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

To the Tropmobile - Dispatches Tue May 22, 2018

UPDATED Wed 7:58am

This was my first serious stay at the Plaza and I was pretty pleased with how everything went. I managed a decent amount of coin in and 6 or 7 hours of $10 a hand blackjack. And much of that was head to head with the dealer, so lots of hands going by.

My guts are still not quite right - there's lots of gurgling coming from the basement.

It was probably not the best idea to eat the second pork truck wheel hub cold for breakfast. No, probably not.

I did a couple more hours of play this morning, and Beeeffffalllloooo has been very interesting today.

So was Freddy F. over here at the Trop.

Beautiful day today in Vegas, breezy, some clouds. Great day to sit outside at the Trop pool and look at used towels.

Happy to say that Uber has been reliable. I've had issues twice with the Lyft app, so it's been all Uberiffic since.


I really hammered the machines today, which means basically that I sat and pushed buttons for hours. It was great.

The Gold is officially the most annoying, deafening, bombastic piece of cochlea-frying piece of crap in the world ever.

The ones at the Trop are like working in a boiler room factory. Or even a boiler room factory factory. Jesus they are loud! I honestly think they are potentially causing damage, they are so ridic.

Fuck off, The Gold!
My guts have been off today and a shitload of chicken fried rice seemed like a good idea. I got some at Red Fusion or whatever it's called - and it was amazing! Freshly made, and loaded with prizes.

I call bullshit on this fortune cookie, though.


One of the things that I ended up the night with was one of my favorite things to happen at the end of a night which was getting a big-ass multiplier quad - with kicker.

    1 comment:

    1. You're always doctoring pictures -- you could have at least drawn a "2" in front of that "5c"!

      Nickel multiplied quads are depressing


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