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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ultra Pointies

Saturday - Day 15

I got my days a bit mixed up with the last post - I didn't get the notice from American on the flight delay until later in the trip. I've removed that part. So if you read the last post and didn't see anything about the delayed flight  - then ignore this. All is well, Kevin Bacon style. 

But first, a little more of Friday night:

Last night after comp-disaster dinner, I went to the slot club to see what I could learn. Olivea was on duty - the same Olivea that bailed me out when I was rolling to the runway leaving Sydney, Australia.

I had a pretty good idea what had happened. I decided not to be a pain.

"Hi, nice to see you again - so I'm guessing you looked high and low for enough play on my card this trip to comp the rest of dinner and couldn't?"

As I don't deal with her much, she would have had to do things by the book. With my host, who I have been grooming, and who has a penchant for fucking things up, I get away with a lot more.

Olivea was very apologetic and had done everything except send out the Mounties to find my host. I remained very understanding. Chona would be in tomorrow. But for now, there was nothing Olivea could do to comp the meal.

I immediately text Casey: "I need you to come back and spit up half a steak."

Next thing to do is the Walk of Shame - and the ATM happily spits out $500, for the price of a few button pushes, and $49.50 in service fees, probably.

And a good portion of that went and partly came back with the rest of Friday's video pokering.

And now it's Saturday - Day 15 - no, really! SATURDAY.

The Little Giant takes care of my naked caffeine needs, and later, the coffee shop will take care of my clothed breakfast needs.

I decide to take a flyer on something high-volatility. I sit down at Ultra Boner and kind of say out loud, "Man, what I need is four Aces. Or four anything." I do that either in my head our out loud pretty much every time.

I do get four of something, so I can play a little longer. I muse about the pointies.

And all of a sudden, there it is - bankroll salvation in the form of four pointies. Yes, yes, YES! A tie for my highest win of the trip, along with the Elco Deuces.

It is so beautiful holding two and watching two more fill in and knowing "we don' need no steenking kickers".

Ultra Boner Four Pointies
I decide to play a few more hands and see how it goes - and I nail another quad! It turns, though, so I cash out and run.

What a perfect time to get an infusion of cash!

I text Casey the photo of the TITO: "I think Redwood is covered."

Deuces has been good to me this trip, so I decide to invest $100 and see what I can do on quarter Not So Ugly Ducks.

I hit my share of things, but not the deuces, and not a royal, obviously.

Time for breakfast! And then... we'll see.

We'll also see what my host has to say.


    1. awesome adventuring! enjoy your always engaging tales

    2. Flusher: Love your posts! Where in the Cal are the Ultra Bonus machines located? Love to try them next time I visit.


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