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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - June 16, 2018 - Million Dollar Brides

Got some time on your hands? Head down to Binions and watch people posing with the million dollar display.

A million dollar smile for what is likely a million dollars in cash.
 For that matter, pose for a shot yourself!

The million dollars on display is not the original that Benny Binion had.

That one used rare $10,000 bills (no longer in circulation - I know it's true because under mattress nothing) which were sold for ridic sums.

It's kind of a shame because with the old horseshoe shaped display, you could actually see that there was $1M there.

With the new one, there's no way to confirm. It's not as huge an amount as it once was, so it's probably legit.

Royal Plusher?
So what are we going to do with the wedding party? Maybe they connected with Frank, Dean, Sammy and that other guy that everyone always forgets.

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