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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dr. Raoul Shiboubou Live - Vegas Today in Five Photos

It's been a few months since my last trip, and the next one is wayyyy off in the distant future, and it's so depressing I can barely write up the trip report from last time.

I swear I'm working on it - or I was, until Dr. Raoul Shiboubou, famed Manitoba Penguin Rancher and purveyor of various penguin foodstuffs (including the very popular Emperor Penguin Jerky - now in Cajun!), penguin body jewellery, and penguin mancave decorations started sending me pics of Vegas.

He sent me five of them.

He's live in Vegas right NOW, and he's tormenting me electronically.

Let's have a look at what the good Dr. is up to.

This mugshot came with the caption 'Fuck the Jets'. As in the Winnipeg Jets. Being from Manitoba, I'm sure Dr. Raoul was torn between cheering for the hometown boys of the city he loves best - or cheering for the Jets.

Or maybe not, looks like the loyalty line has been drawn. Go Knights!

Dr. Raoul likes to fly Allegiant, because why not gamble early for high stakes? If I know him (and I do) he'll be holed up downtown, more than likely at the Golden Gate.

I recognize this sprightly fella. And you be sprightly too if you had a giant black metal stanchion up your stallion.

I'm not sure why exactly this photo was taken, but it's possible that the horseman - this fantastical vaquero, resplendent in his two-tone 1970's flare pants, matched with stunning bedazzled Bolero jacket, resembles someone from back home. Because they all dress that way in Carmen on Saturday nights. I've heard.

(Dr. Raoul could probably fashion a pretty sweet Bolero jacket out of his Corinthian Penguin Leather - we should look into getting production ramped up right away!)

OK, this one has me somewhat stumped. Hey, I know, let's put Mr. Neon Cowboy on a big fucking metal swan with a pole up its trumpet.

The partly hidden sign says something like 'La Contas' ?

The man has headed stripward, in search of some Sticky Toffee Steve Wynn.

Sorry - that's the photo after this one.

Donnie and Marie are in the background, so that means we're looking east toward the Flamingo. Before you congratulate me on my savvy sleuthing skills, note the sign at right.

But wait! Judging by the shadows, this is in the morning, so Hell's Kitchen is closed. Nobody yelling "YOU'LL KILL SOMEBODY!" and "SHOCKING" at the staff.

Well now, this is welcome news. Have to assume that this is not $5 denom, but penny denom.

Still, that's a shitload of pennies, metric, imperial, any way you want to roll 'em. A nice $300 win.

It's kind of cool that when I got this photo, I'd just seen a live doe on the road a few minutes before, and was at a lookout viewing Doe Lake in lovely Flusherville Provincial park. Coincidence?

Doe. Doh! Dough. See what I mean?

Below, Dr. Raoul Shiboubou has performed a penguinectomy on Steve Wynn's wallet. Nicely done! And didn't play it back! (Yet.)

I hope I get tormented tomorrow with five more live pics from Fabulous Las Vegas.

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