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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dr. Shiboubou Today in Vegas in Five Photos - Company?

Well, well, well, it looks like the Dr. has made an appointment with romance - or at least a big-ass buffet.

But first things first, everybody knows you have to have wheels if you are going to make some time (notwithstanding that you may have only one thin dime) - and it looks like Alamo has really come through with an amazing downgrade - to a mileage inclusive stagecoach.

From what I can tell, Raoul has been on the strip today - thus the aforementioned romance. This looks like dinner for two, from what I can suss out.

The appearance of Player Card numbers (dutifully obfuscated) tell me that this sweet buffet nosh was comped all the way. I'm guessing MyVegas. Nicely eaten, sir, nicely eaten.

Just like yesterday, my cousin was in search of some giant pussy.

Don't blame me folks, I just post the photos around here.

Presumably if I put into the browser, I'd find out what the hell this is all about.

Now, where there are cats, or at least cat heads, there are dogs in training.

I'm going to guess that this is one of those Pro Bass stores, maybe down by Silverton on the south strip - way way south. Probably not too far from the Cancun 'Still Beating Heart' Inn.

Shout out to Facebook follower Lucas, who picked off the Cancun Resort wayyyyyy south on the strip as the site of the sacrifices and a good night's sleep for Dr. S.

I want to say the '777' is at an Outlet place. Okay, I do say the '777' is from an Outlet place. Looks like somebody is 'hitching the stagecoach lucky'.

Not only does it take balls to play keno, it takes balls to bowl in a diminuative bowling alley.

How cool would it be to have this bad boy in your basement?

The guy that runs things there is a pin head, though.

Gonna guess this is also at the Cancun place.

This is a lot of fun. There had better be some gambling pics soon, though...

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    1. The bowling alley is in a restaurant at the Silverton. :)


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