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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Royal Flusher's Daily Vegas Pic - July 3, 2018 - Luxor

After all these years, the architecture of Luxor and it's bold silhouette still captivate me. There's really nothing else like it on the strip.

I still remember when I planned our first trip to Las Vegas - Luxor had just opened and we decided that's where we would stay.

And I remember thinking for months on end... just what is inside that pyramid?

The construction of the building amazes me - and when you look up from inside the atrium, it's size confounds the eye. In the photo above, those four large linear structures are the main supports in each of the four corners of the pyramid.

They are spaced equally apart. Amazing.

Just what is inside that pyramid?
We stayed at Luxor early enough on to go on the famed and long departed Nile River ride - more than once. I recall using it as something to do when we ran out of rolls of nickels for the machines.

Our first meal was at the Nile Deli, and our first Vegas buffet was at the Manhattan Buffet, which at that time was out in the open in the atrium, on what was called the Attractions level.

Luxor initially had a laser show out front in the evenings in which lasers would light up sprays of water and the Sphinx would shoot them out of his eyes.

I think there were conflicts with the airport and the laser show had to be shut down. But the funny thing was, people would congregate outside the Luxor after dusk on the hour... waiting for the show to start. I think this went on for months.

We did the same, and we finally figured it out. It was okay though, the machines were waiting inside the pyramid!

    1 comment:

    1. This post reminds me of what I miss about Vegas: one of a kind resorts that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

      I don't remember the buffet on the attractions level, but I have fond memories of the Pyramid Cafe: arriving late at night after a flight from the east coast, going to that cafe for a snack and buying some keno tickets while sitting at our table (unlike Flusher that was the only times I played keno).
      First they got rid of keno; then the cafe was no longer 24/7; now I think it's only open for breakfast and lunch.


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